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17 Apr 2024

Day: October 31, 2019


The History of the Beanie 

The oh so popular men’s beanies of today have actually have around for centuries. They have always been loved for their softness and warmth, although you can now find summer beanies that are more lightweight for warm days. A Hat with Many Names Depending on…


A Natural, Vegetarian Probiotic Supplement 

Most people deal with indigestion as a fairly common occurrence, either from eating something that just doesn’t agree with them, undiagnosed food allergies, stress, or medication.  The truth is, an upset stomach can happen for many reasons, which can greatly vary from person to person because of…


7 Herbs Used in the Ayurveda Medicine System 

Ayurveda is a major healing system that uses herbs for their medicinal properties. Ancient and modern practices seek to balance all aspects of the human body using diet, ayurvedic herbs, yoga, meditation, and exercise. All ayurvedic herbs have multiple health benefits and can be easily…