A fan is a must-have appliance for the summer, whether you buy it for your indoor or outdoor space. In the middle of this extreme season, fans are a lifesaver. Apart from serving cool air, there is a lot to know about ceiling fans and their offerings. Let us read to understand.


The fact of a fan does not limit aesthetic pleasure. Fans are a realistic and reasonable solution for your cooling requirements in this extreme climate. Creating a chilling effect by using ventilating fans all over your space. Keeping yourself and  loved ones at ease and lowers room temperature by 5-8 degrees F. Another fact is,the harmful pests unable to invade your space due to the wind created by the fans this prevents summer pests from entering the house.


The use of a fan is not only for summers. You heard that correct! all you have to do it set your spinning direction of the fan to counterclockwise instead of anticlockwise motion, and you are in business! The clockwise direction of blades moves the wind up to corners of the area. Then that wind comes down along with the walls creating circular motion. This movement helps to distribute all the heated air equally throughout your room.


Choosing the right fan size is essential for your space. A fan too big not only makes your room feel small, but the noise produced by that fan will be loud. In contrast to that, a small fan for your large room won’t do anything to cool. Rooms with a height of more than 18 feet need multiple fans. It would be best if you install the fan at the right height too. A heightened room won’t experience a cool breeze if the fan is situated closer to the ceiling. Otherwise, the fan will fail to circulate the air properly, particularly the air near the floor.


We know what a fan does, but we don’t see how a fan helps give your home a beautiful touch. We can find the latest collection of fans fitted with lights, giving interiors a modern finish while being right on-trend. Whether you need a traditional or a contemporary style fan, all types of variation can find online or in many stores now. Increases the comfort and style of your bedroom, study, lounge, veranda, or office room with these top-notch products.


Picking user friendly prototype will stimulate the user to use more and subsequently lowering energy costs. Features like light changer, speed, movement of the fan, pull chains should consider before installing one in your room. The number of fan blades doesn’t make much difference, but the size matters. Choosing larger sizes over smaller blades won’t ruffle papers and other items while working and can cool at a low velocity. Sound interesting, right!

Closing thought

It would be best if you buy your fans from an expert. Fan city, for example, offers excellent and affordable warranty options, which others cannot. So when are you planning to buy, do let us know!