Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark of Dubai is one of the water wonders of UAE! You get to play in water not just swimming but through various sporting activities for various age groups. Visit Coupon Emirates to avail Atlantis Water Park Offers, and get discount to save more and enjoy more!

Odyssey of Terror

The Aquaventure waterpark of Atlantis Dubai is equipped with water coaster (the rollercoaster’s cousin!) which is used to slide your way down from a certain height. Similar to the way a roller coaster has its track in curvaceous form and flowing up and down all through its course, the Odyssey of Terror is also designed accordingly. Only difference is that the water coaster has a smooth plastic like structure winding its way down and water keeps flowing through it, continuously. You get into the boat-structured bloated tube on a high platform and the tube is set rolling on to the coaster. Once inside the coaster, the tube slides down on its own due to the gravity pull and water slide. A worthy experience!

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The lengthiest water sliding experience in the world is here in Atlantis Dubai! Similar to the Odyssey of Terror but you spend more time than the Odyssey. The length stands at a whopping 449 meters which will give you more than a minute of sliding experience. The course is at times open to sky while at times tunneled to give you a different world of thrilling experience. About 5-6 people can sit comfortably in the raft which takes you down the slide. Worth the long ride! Don’t forget to make good use of Atlantis Water Park Offers to make your day with your loved ones.

Medusa’s Lair

Just like the legendary tale, the Medula’s hair of snakes, Medula’s Lair is a web of intricate twists and turns. This is also a water coaster or slider that takes you through many turns and water blasts. As you slide down, you are taken through a series of steep slopes, drops and dark caves. Contended to be the longest dueling pipeline blast water slider in the world, you need to experience the chills and thrills of Medula’s Lair! Use Atlantis Water Park Offers to get substantial price off the ticket to this ride.

Blackout Water Slide

Not to worry about really getting blacked out, the Blackout water slide is a closed tube all through the slope down. You climb up the tower to get to the opening of the Blackout water slide and you are given an instruction about safely sliding down. You need to fold your hands close to your chest in such a way that both your palms touch the opposite shoulders. Similarly, keep your legs straight and crossed at the calves or the ankles. As soon as you are let down, you just keep sliding down due to the water flowing inside, the slope and the gravity. Enjoy the speeds of sliding while encountering the curves of the tube tunnel. Enjoy your day at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai with offer through Atlantis Water Park Offers, to get as much price off the tickets.