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06 May 2021

Category: Education


Forward Bias and Capacitance 

What is Forward Biasing? Biasing means applying a potential difference to a diode. A diode is a semiconductor device with two terminals and it conducts current primarily in one direction. In forward biased p-n junction diodes, the p-side is connected to the positive terminal and…


Effective study tips for Biology Exam 

Biology is one among the most challenging and mandatory subjects in the field of science which requires both hard work and ample concentration. Biology is all about the study of life, its functions, classifications, evolutions and other living organisms around us. The main concept of…


What’s a Good IELTS Score in the UK? 

Thinking of pursuing your graduate or master’s degree in UK? Then plan for taking the IELTS exam as well as the international subject test. The International English Language Testing System tests for English language proficiency. IELTS exam tests candidates for reading, writing, listening and speaking…