When you take medicine for a purpose other than the one for which the doctor prescribed it, you are abusing prescription drugs. More than 18 million adults aged 12 and older have supposedly used prescription medications non-medically in the previous year, say the experts. Moreover, over 6% of Americans are in this category.

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Few Frequently Abused Prescribed Drugs:

According to the National Institute on Drug Addiction (NIDA), three categories of prescription medications are frequently abused:

· Opioids:

Hydrocodone, morphine, codeine, and oxycodone are among the most common opioid medications prescribed by doctors since the early 1990s. These medications as prescribed by your doctor can help you enhance your lifestyle and effectively control your pain.

When you use opioids for a brief period under a doctor’s strict supervision, it will not typical to develop an addiction to or dependence on them. However, taking them frequently can result in drug abuse and addiction.

· Depressants for the Central Nervous System (CNS):

Depressants for the central nervous system (CNS). Benzodiazepines such as Ativan, Valium, and Xanax, are prescribed to millions of Americans for the treatment of anxiety as well as sleep disorders like insomnia.

You might feel more at ease and sleepy after using CNS depressants for some days or weeks. Yet with time, you might require higher doses to have the same effect. Combining these with alcohol can result in death due to slowed breathing and heartbeat.

· Stimulants:

These medications offer your body a boost, increasing attentiveness, stamina, and attention significantly. They increase your blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate.

Addiction can result from the misuse of stimulants, such as taking them to greater dosages or breaking pills and snorting them.

Your body temperature may increase with high doses. The uneven heartbeat may result from improper usage of stimulants or their use in conjunction with decongestants.

Abusing prescribed drugs can have severe consequences, especially if you combine them with the substances mentioned above. On the official NIDA website, you may learn more about medications and their associated health effects.