California auto insurance rates can be costly. Several factors affect the price you’ll pay for coverage. From where you park to whether you’ve been involved in an auto accident, your driving history and lifestyle choices have an impact on your rates. But, there a few things you can do to find affordable auto insurance for your driving needs.

Compare Prices for Affordable Insurance Coverage

The first thing you should do is compare prices. Several websites offer to compare prices of the leading insurance providers in an effort to find you the lowest rate. The problem with these sights is they only compare a handful of companies.

Then there are the numerous television commercials shouting at you to call or go online for a quote. Not only that but, driving around Southern California you can find an auto insurance company in almost every strip mall and major shopping center. Your options are plentiful. So how do choose which companies to get quotes from?

Choose five to compare. You can whittle the list down to three major providers and two small insurance providers in your local area. Most of the time you can find a quote online or call their office to speak with a representative.

Ask Friends and Family

The people in your life are sure to have different insurance providers. Some may love their providers; others may advise you to stay away from the ones they’ve had a negative experience with.

It can help to get their review before contacting a provider. They may say their rates are outrageous, or they may say they have the best rates in the business. Either way, it can help to get an unbiased opinion from trusted sources before you choose a provider.

Perform an Online Search

Lots of search results boast titles like, “Cheap Car Insurance” and “Lowest Insurance Rates” but that doesn’t mean it’s true. A quick search will turn up tons of results, so how do you know which ones to trust? Well, you don’t.

These sites might offer low-cost insurance, but it might be what meets your needs. They can be a good starting point, however, when you don’t know who to choose. You can make your way down the list clicking on links and calling numbers.

However, you choose to find affordable auto insurance, don’t rush into purchasing a policy. Consider what’s best for you and your family if they’ll be included in the policy. Insurance needs vary. If you have a new driver you may want to increase your coverage. You might want to invest in supplemental coverages. Take these things into account when considering a new auto insurance provider.