While computers and laptops have some of the greatest technology we have seen in a long time, they still have problems every once in a while. This is okay though, because most of the time when your computer or laptop is having issues, these issues can be fixed through a few different methods. 

Today, we are specifically gonna focus on how to fix the blue screen windows 10. There are a few different things you can do to fix the blue screens, but the best ways on how to fix blue screen Windows 10 will be listed here. You will find a few different methods, go through each of them one at a time and your problem should resolve in no time.

First, the reason for the blue screen could be an application that you have installed on your computer or laptop. Try thinking back to before you had these blue screen problems, which applications did you install between then and now? Uninstall the newest applications first and see if that fixes anything if it doesn’t then you can reinstall those applications and uninstall the others. This is a very long process, but if an app is causing this problem, the only way to know is by deleting a few and testing the waters.

You could have your computer or laptop plugged in and connected to too many things. You can fix this by disconnecting any non-essential wireless or Bluetooth devices and unplugging any USB drives that you are no longer using. This is a very simple method, but computers and laptops are very simple devices when you know how they work.

Your computer could need to be cleaned. Computers, much like everything else, require cleaning every few days. I’m not talking about taking a soft fabric or a duster and cleaning your computer, I’m talking about downloading a cleaning application that will delete and manage all of your files so that you are never running more than you need to. These cleanings are required if you want your pc to run longer than a few years. 

Try downloading a cleaner, CCleaner is one of the best, and run a test on it. It will delete all of the unnecessary files, clean out your history, recycling bin, and everything else that you forget about. This will not only speed up your computer, but it will make it run a lot better and maybe even stop the blue screen.

You might need a driver update. Finding a driver update is going to be the hardest part of this process since a lot of computers are different and place their drivers in different places. The best place for you to find out if you need a driver update is to go to updates and security in your pc settings. This will let you know if there are any updates for your pc, or updates for your driver, available to be downloaded. If there is, simply download them and restart your computer as soon as it is finished. This might not be the reason why your computer is blue-screening, but it could help it stop if there is an update available.

However, it could be the exact opposite and need to uninstall a recently installed update to fix your issue. To do this, find your downloads, go to uninstall, and click on the latest windows 10 update. But make sure you check to see if anyone else is having this issue before uninstalling an update that you have installed onto your computer.