One of the most entertaining cars to drive in the midsize car segment is the Mazda 6. It comes equipped with a ton of safety technology and is offered with one of two spirited engines. However, this Mazda could use a little more room in the backseat, and several of its infotainment features are tucked away in the touch screen’s menus.

The contemporary Mazda 6 is offered as a sleek sedan or an attractive (though slightly impractically shaped) wagon, and it includes all of Mazda’s most recent technology. It is a great substitute if you don’t actually need an SUV. Here is some information on the Mazda 6:

Should You Purchase the Mazda 6?

Yes, the Mazda 6 is an excellent midsize vehicle. It has two spirited four-cylinder engine choices, precise steering, and excellent handling. Additionally, it offers a luxurious interior and a plethora of infotainment and safety technologies, including newly included Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality. The only real drawbacks of this Mazda are a slightly constrained amount of rear seat legroom and an infotainment system that is less user-friendly than those of competitors.

The Mazda 6 is difficult to beat if you’re searching for a midsize car that’s enjoyable to drive. However, before you decide which car to buy, there are a few others that are worth your consideration. The Toyota Camry offers a highly potent V6 engine choice and is almost as entertaining to drive as the Mazda. Although the Honda Accord isn’t as sporty as the Mazda, it provides more passenger and baggage space. 

What Differs Between the Mazda 6 Models for 2020 and 2021? 

The Mazda f6 receives standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for the 2021 Mazda model year, and wireless Apple CarPlay is now available. Mazda also introduces a brand-new Carbon Edition trim.

The Mazda6 has seen the following significant alterations in recent years:

  • 2017: Saw the standardization of Bluetooth, a rearview camera, an improved infotainment system, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic warning. 
  • 2018: Updated interior design; added a turbocharged engine that is optional; and made Apple CarPlay and Android Auto accessible 
  • 2019: Standard safety measures were added; the six-speed manual transmission was eliminated. 
  • 2020: Minimal changes
  • 2021: The list of standard amenities now includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the Carbon Edition trim is available.

What Is the Price of the Mazda 6? 

The 2021 Mazda6 is available starting at $24,475, which is about average for a midsize sedan. The starting price for the top-of-the-line Signature trim is $35,900. Check out the price at your nearby Mazda dealer for fantastic savings. On our Mazda offers page, you can also find great manufacturer discounts. 

How Much Does a Mazda 6 Cost to Insure? 

Your deductible, the amount of coverage you desire, and the kind of insurance you select will all affect how much it will cost to insure a Mazda 6. Your insurance prices may vary depending on a number of factors, including your age, gender, region, credit score, and driving history.

Mazda 6 Interior: Elegant Interior and Technology 

Cargo Space

The 14.7 cubic foot trunk of this Mazda has space for more than a dozen food bags. The only access to the release handles that allow the back seats to fold down is through the trunk, which is small for the class. The 6 has standard 60/40 split-folding back seats, which is a benefit. 

Five people can fit in the Mazda 6. There is comfortable seating for adults throughout the cabin, and the front chairs have good contouring. Some critics do point out that the vehicle could use a little more legroom in the backseat. 

Child Car Seats

For the back outboard seats, there are two full sets of LATCH connectors, and the middle back seat has a tether anchor. Lower anchors from the adjacent chairs may also be borrowed by the middle seat. This system received the highest possible grade of Good+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, indicating that it is among the simplest and most adaptable to operate. 

Mazda6 Interior Quality

The interior of this Mazda is among the nicest in the midsize car segment. Some reviews claim that the luxurious interior materials are comparable to those in a luxury car. Genuine leather upholstery, heated front seats, ventilated front seats, and synthetic leather upholstery are a few of the available comfort amenities. 

Navigation, Bluetooth, and Infotainment 

The Mazda 6 comes standard with the Mazda Connect infotainment system. Although this system has a touch screen, its lockout feature prevents you from using it while operating the vehicle. Instead, when the automobile is moving, the driver must use the central control knob. The control knob is generally praised by critics as being simple to operate, but some argue that there are too many options to navigate through in order to access specific functions. 

Which Mazda Model Is the Best?

Sport, Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Touring Reserve, Carbon Edition, and Signature are the six trim levels available for the Mazda6. Most buyers will choose the lowest Sport Mazda model because it has a ton of infotainment, safety, and comfort amenities. Every other trim receives the improved turbocharged engine, while the Sport and Touring trims come with the standard four-cylinder engine. One of the most enjoyable cars to drive in the midsize car segment is the Mazda 6.