With unemployment levels continuing to escalate, more people than ever before are considering starting their own business. However, forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or any type of corporation requires quite a bit of paperwork filing. Many opt to do this on their own, but the legwork required takes time out of other important business creation tasks. Others again, opt to use the legal services of an attorney and can be expensive. There is another more practical route, and this involves using the services of third-party or online incorporation services. They handle the formation process for any startup, saving time and money.

These seven business formation services are currently considered to offer the best services according to these LLC formation reviews. They all offer similar services for business startups with slight variations.


Inclfile offers all the business formation services for as little as $0, with the applicant only paying for the required state fees. The company is made up of a team of entrepreneurs who have been offering their expert services since 2004.

They have various incorporation packages but all include:

  • Company name availability verification
  • Articles are prepared and filed
  • Processing on the following business day
  • Registered Agent Service (free for the first year)
  • Business Tax Consultations for free
  • Customer Support (lifetime)
  • Incorporation documents available online

Customer reviews indicate an overall satisfaction rating of 4.8, which ranks Incfile very highly in the satisfactions stakes. Incfile has helped more than 250,000 businesses startup.


With ZenBusiness, anyone can launch their dream enterprise with a five-step formation plan that includes choosing the business package which is best for the startup. There is a choice of three packages, and these include paying the company an annual billing fee to provide ongoing services. The most basic package is $49 and its top features are:

  • Filing service for the business
  • Service of a registered agent
  • Creation of the operating agreement

Even though they charge a fee, the team of entrepreneurs provides exceptional services, making them a popular choice and gets them an average 4.7 rating.


Even though they have fewer features than Incfile, Northwest Registered Agent includes the basic business formation services required to start any business. Their basic services rate also starts at $49 and these include:

  • Registered Agent Service that is free for the first year
  • Documents are prioritized and processed on a next-day basis
  • Support is offered from a team of various corporate guides

Northwest’s excellent customer support comes up a lot in their reviews that average 4.3.


Formerly known as My New Company, MyCompanyWorks have many years of experience and is preferred by those wanting a personalized service. They have three pricing options that start from $79 plus the state fee, and included in this service are the LLC formation services. The extras include:

  • An organizational Startup Wizard
  • Important documents get priority processing
  • Access to personalized organizational meeting minutes and corporate bylaws

Their services are efficient and personalized and this is obvious from the average rating of 4.8 from their excellent customer reviews.


Since 1999 LegalZoom has served over 4 million clients with business formation and other business services. The company also provides legal services and various accounting services, including various taxes. Their most basic business formation packages start at $79 +state fee and any other services chosen are charged extra, making it quite expensive.

LegalZoom is one of the larger companies out there but gets a 3.6 rating because their customer support tends to be poor.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is the more expensive and their business formation services start at $99, but they also have optional legal services. There is also an optional free trial period. Even though more expensive, their reps are knowledgeable and the company is backed by Google Venture.

Customer ratings average 3.9 with a note that their dissatisfaction is not because of their services, but because they have forgotten to cancel their free trial period and have to pay the fee.


For those starting a business but who are unsure where to begin, BizFilings has a range of useful resources to help them with various free education guides. Their basic formation package starts at $99 + state fees and includes:

  • Free registered agent service for the first 6 months
  • A monitoring tool for business compliance
  • Access to a vast document library

There aren’t a lot of online reviews for BizFilings, but they do offer reliable services.