Weddings are one of the most important events in most people’s lives. That’s why tons of people save money just to make this important event possible. Some even have dream weddings inspired by fairytales, storybooks and fictional stories.

Although fairytales don’t really exist, one can still have a fairytale-themed wedding by choosing the perfect location. Listed below are some of the world’s most beautiful and picturesque settings where you can get married.

The Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica 

Instead of the normal church wedding, you can marry your partner after you meet in the middle of a beautiful bridge that hangs over the water. The Rockhouse Hotel that watches over the Caribbean water gives a beautiful scenery for your guests and loved ones to enjoy.

The wooden bridge over the water is just one of the many breathtaking sceneries where you can marry the love of your life in this location.

The New York Library in New York, New York

Compared to typical venues, why not try a glamorous yet iconic place to be married? Pick from the gorgeous selection of engagement rings here in Salt Lake City before you drop by at the New York library in New York, New York.

If you want a setting that screams class and elegance, this setting is built with marble columns, two beautiful staircases and versatile spaces fit for the most elegant taste. You can transform each room according to your liking, especially if you have different events in mind.

You can plan the romantic ceremony in one room and throw a whole dance party in another.

Viceroy Anguilla in Meads Bay, Anguilla

This amazing location sitting on a white sand beach is the ultimate breathtaking wedding location. The Viceroy Anguilla is at the foot of the Caribbean Sea and is always welcoming to loving couples. The resort also has a motto that will make sure your wedding getaway as perfect as it gets.

The line “Service without limits” not only entices guests, but it also soothes their fear of not having a great time. As for the wedding, you can choose between a beach ceremony or a cliffside event.

Mount Hood Organic Farms in Mount Hood, Oregon

This location is one of the most beautiful treasures of the United States. It’s an organic farm with a perfect green backdrop all around. If you want to be close to nature on your special day, this location has ponds, woods, gardens, orchards and three beautiful mountains altogether.

You can also choose from the healthy and fresh food that this organic farm has to offer.

Vaux Le Vicomte in Maincy, France

Did you ever want to get married like royalty? Then, this is the perfect place to get married. This location will transport you to the most elegant time in history. The Vaux Le Vicomte in Maincy, France is a 17th-century castle that’s breathtaking as it is luxurious.

Asides from that, there is also the garden of André Le Nôtre that gives you a garden setting out of a storybook.

There you have it, some of the best places in the world to get married in! What are you waiting for?