If you are planning to take advantage of the holidays with some additional social media marketing, you need to start the initial phases about six months prior to the release. After all, any solid marketing effort requires much planning, strategizing, identification, adjustments and the utilization of tools to identify trends and the target audience before launching.

Establish a Marketing Persona and Content Pillars

Who are you targeting for the holiday campaign, and what are your company’s core values? Get to know your target audience—their age, likes, affinities, location, gender and online behaviors which adds up to your marketing persona. Your core values along with key differentiators establish your content pillars.

Build an Offer-Based Campaign

What offer best serves the needs of your intended audience? Coupons, freebies, contest, etc. are the most common campaigns that find success amid the online market. Be sure to choose an offer that will serve the end goal whether it be to drive online traffic, boost store traffic or increase sales.

Create Appealing Social Media Marketing Content

What captivates your audience? Use your persona and pillars to created emotionally driven, personalized content to showcase specific aspects of your social media marketing or online campaign offer that will drive the audience to take the action or response you desire.

You will want to blend in an appropriate, holistic holiday theme when ideating for this aspect of your marketing campaign.

Test the Tech and Launch the Campaign

Avoid hang-ups in the tech sector by testing all the tools such as pixels, databases, and tracking analytics before launching the campaign. Once in place, get things roll out your campaign full blast or trickle it in according to the plan.

Keep in mind, that once the campaign ends, analyzing and measuring the data collected are just as important as the results of your efforts. There are digital marketing services that can assist will all of these aspects for you.