TED Talks are now world famous and you will find presentations on any topic you can think of and also about money and finances. We collected five TED Talks about money that last less than twenty minutes, but of which you still learn a lot. These TED Talks would change the way you think about money (and therefore the way you save, spend and earn) forever. 

The battle between your present and future self (Daniel Goldstein)

There are two versions of ourselves: our present self and our future self, explains behavioral economist Daniel Goldstein in his TED Talk. Every day we make decisions that are either good or bad for our future selves. In most cases, we opt for short-term satisfaction, ignoring the wishes of our future selves. In his TED Talk he explains how we can stop neglecting the future version of ourselves. This way we can make decisions that do lead to future financial success.

One Life-Changing Class You Never Took (Alexa von Tobel)

Do you ever have stress about money or the feeling that you have no control over your finances? That is not surprising, says Alexa von Tobel in her TED Talk. We never learned about it at school. With five financial tips she teaches you how to become successful in the field of money.

How I learned to read – and trade stocks – in prison (Curtis ‘Wall Street’ Carroll)

In his TED Talk, Curtis ‘Wall Street’ tells Carroll about his turbulent childhood and how he ended up in prison. There he first learned to read, and then everything about money management and investing. Carroll is a born storyteller and with the necessary humor he tells a super inspiring story.

Why you should know how much your coworkers get paid (David Burkus)

In his TED Talk, David Burkus asks, “What would happen if we had full transparency on our salaries?” In other words, what would happen if you knew the salary of your colleagues and vice versa. As a management researcher and writer, Burkus found during his years of research that employees who work at companies that are open about salaries tend to be more engaged and work harder.

How to Buy Happiness (Michael Norton)

“Many of us think that money cannot buy happiness,” says researcher Michael Norton in his TED Talk. “That is not true. If you think so, you spend it on the wrong things.” He explains that money often makes us feel selfish and this is why money does not make us happy. His research shows that spending money on ourselves does not make us happy, but giving it to others.

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