You might be thinking of buying gas log fires in Melbourne, but wondering how you best look after them. This article outlines some important maintenance tips for gas log heaters. Read on to find out more. 

Clean Glass

There are times when the glass on gas log heaters will need to be cleaned. Here’s what to do about dirty glass on gas log fires in Melbourne. Consult your owner’s manual, which should tell you how to remove any glass doors. Lay down a newspaper or old towel to cover your table or flooring from the dirt on the glass. Use a soft cloth with window cleaner sprayed onto it to wipe the glass clean. If there are dirt marks that won’t come off, try using a little bit of fireplace cleanser or ceramic cooktop cleaner and wipe away scum with another damp cloth. Use paper towels or newsprint to dry the glass and avoid streaking. Now you can replace the doors. Leave doors for at least 30 minutes to make sure any cleanser has evaporated before turning on your heater again.

 Clean Fire Interior

A vacuum cleaner’s wand attachment is your best friend when it comes to cleaning gas log fires in Melbourne. Use the wand to vacuum the inside of your gas log heater. Lava rocks can cause a problem when cleaning, as they’re tiny enough to be swept up into the vacuum cleaner. To avoid this, use cheesecloth or an old stocking and fix it to the end of your vacuum wand with a rubber band. This allows you access to the interior to sweep out dust and debris without your lava rocks being sucked up your vacuum cleaner. 

Clean Logs

Log sets in gas log fires in Melbourne need some occasional maintenance. If there is evidence of soot building up on your vented gas logs, consult your manual to find out how to remove the logs. Take the logs outside and brush with a paintbrush, or any other brush with soft bristles. Never wash or use a damp cloth on logs, as this technique can fade or harm the finish on the logs. Don’t ever use any kind of chemical cleaners on the logs either. Vent-free logs are a different matter – you shouldn’t even brush them, but instead leave all maintenance to a Qualified Service Technician. Any DIY attempts to clean vent-free logs can result in a safety hazard.  

Replace Batteries

It’s vital that you replace batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector twice a year, and while you’re at it, you might as well replace any batteries in your remotes for gas log heaters. Remotes allow you to shut off your fireplace speedily, and it could pose a safety issue if your remotes don’t have fresh batteries in them. 

Organise Inspections

It’s quite easy to ring up a relevant professional to inspect your fireplace and chimney annually. You will need to engage a Qualified Service Technician to have a good look at any gas log fires in Melbourne to ensure they’re functioning in a safe manner. Vent-free gas log heaters do not have a chimney, but they will still need the expertise of a Qualified Service Technician who can conduct the necessary maintenance. By having regular checks of your gas log heaters, you can limit repair bills by addressing any issues early on.