One of the little yet crucial things that business owners tend to overlook is that parking is a part of customer experience. You might see it as a trivial detail compared to the quality of food and service you are offering but actually, they have a much larger impact on your customers than you think. Especially if you’re running a retail or food business, parking spaces are a huge factor in the number of customers that you are attracting in your restaurant business. This is because ample parking space is one of the first things they’ll check out. And if you don’t have enough parking space available for your clients, then they might just move on to another restaurant nearby that can better accommodate them.

If you think about it, it’s really a common problem but it has a significant influence on your customers. The good thing about it though is that lack of parking can easily be solved if you have a great location that can allow you to expand your facility. However, do note that it isn’t enough to just have a sufficient parking area, you must also improve and maintain it for the welfare of your clients. But if you still think it’s irrelevant or an unnecessary cost, let us tell you why keeping a well-maintained parking lot can actually increase your sales.

1.  Aesthetic/Professional Appeal

Have you ever been to a store with an uneven and rutty parking area? Do you remember how much you cursed at the property for having such a poor parking lot? Yes, the food might be good and the staff might be friendly, but the site itself wasn’t just nice enough for your car. And although you love the food and you like the people, it’s not just worth the inconvenience and probable car repairs that you could incur from such a substandard parking space.

If it isn’t obvious enough yet, a pristine and smooth commercial parking area free from potholes, ruts, and cracks can magnify your restaurant’s curb appeal. An excellent parking lot conveys a more professional look and that also sets the expectations of your clients. If you haven’t achieved that yet, better ask your peers for contractors that they can recommend to aid you with your parking lot paving and resurfacing project.

2.  More Parking Space, More customers!

We’ve talked about this at the start of this article and we won’t get tired of reiterating that more parking space means more customers than you can accommodate. There might be ride-sharing apps today that wouldn’t necessitate your patrons to bring their vehicles to your property, however, remember that the big spenders are usually families who often go by driving their own cars. So, if you want to serve all types of customers then first you have to be able to provide ample area for them to park their vehicles.

3.  Increased Sense of Security

When you have a well-lit parking lot and CCTV cameras installed, it creates a sense of security for your customers. It gives the impression that you’re willing to invest in ensuring that your premises are safe and secured. In turn, it’s also going to benefit you and your employees as well. Besides, no one would want to stop by or spend time in an establishment with bad lighting particularly during nighttime.

4.  Safety

As business owners, the safety of your clientele should be your number one priority. Not only because of the associated expenses you need to shoulder in case of an accident, but also because accidents paint a bad picture for your establishment. You might not realize it yet but the craters and fissures on your old parking lot can cause someone to trip and fall particularly when it rains and the potholes have accumulated rainwater. Apart from that, a fractured or uneven pavement can harm and damage the tires of the vehicles passing by. Hence, for the safety of everyone (cars included!), invest in high-quality material for your pavement and don’t shy away from necessary repairs. There are numerous paving professionals who can help you with asphalt parking lot repair in Lancaster PA. You can also check out if you’re living in Pennsylvania.

5.  Convenience

For sure, we’ve all had an experience of aimlessly driving around the parking lot waiting and looking for a slot. If the restaurant is a blockbuster, then just parking your car can eat away about 15 to even 30 minutes of your precious time. We all know that’s annoying and so it ruins our experience. It’s a small flaw but it shouldn’t be treated as a minor one because it destroys the whole customer experience.

In business, the name of the game is convenience. If you’re able to deliver in the fastest and most efficient way possible, the better. Being customer-centric takes more than offering a fine product or service. In this day and age, you have to cover all your bases and make sure that from the moment your customer sets foot on your premises, you’re immediately able to deliver superb customer service and that takes paying attention even to the smallest details.