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20 Jan 2020

Category: Health


How to plan a Pilates session 

All Pilates exercise sessions should be divided up into a beginning, middle and an end. Pilates is all about body awareness and by dividing the session into three distinct categories, it is possible for a client to achieve his or her goals. The start of…


Health Issues Caused by Poor Circulation 

Your veins carry the blood that provides all the nutrients and oxygen your muscles and organs need to function correctly. When those veins aren’t working correctly, then you could suffer from several health conditions. Signs of Poor Circulation A major sign of poor circulation is a persistent numb…


A Natural, Vegetarian Probiotic Supplement 

Most people deal with indigestion as a fairly common occurrence, either from eating something that just doesn’t agree with them, undiagnosed food allergies, stress, or medication.  The truth is, an upset stomach can happen for many reasons, which can greatly vary from person to person because of…


7 Herbs Used in the Ayurveda Medicine System 

Ayurveda is a major healing system that uses herbs for their medicinal properties. Ancient and modern practices seek to balance all aspects of the human body using diet, ayurvedic herbs, yoga, meditation, and exercise. All ayurvedic herbs have multiple health benefits and can be easily…