If you are thinking about downsizing or freeing up some space in your house because you have a new arrival on the way, then you need to think about putting some things into storage. If you have small children, it may be an idea to put some of the more delicate items you have into storage to protect them. However, it is important to remember that some items you have may need to be kept in a specialist climate-controlled storage unit. Climate controlled storage container units basically keep the temperature and humidity at a constant level. So, even when it is freezing outside, the temperature never drops too low inside the warehouse, and it never becomes too humid or dry either. All of this is done by systems set in place at the storage facility. With that in mind, Storage units in Staples Corner is a great facility and will prtect all those items that require climate-controlled storage. 

Items that may need climate-controlled storage: 


All white goods such as fridge, freezer, microwave, washing machine, etc., need to be kept away from extreme conditions. The metal expands and contracts and can become brittle over time. A temperature-controlled facility will ensure that the electronics within the item do no degrade and rust. A temperature and humidity controlled facility will also help stop any mildew building up, as long as the product was properly drained before putting into storage.


Are you a wine collector? Well, then you will know all about keeping these items in a climate-controlled environment. You also need to protect any artwork and antiques in this kind of environment too. There are also paper collectables such as stamps and comics. If a stamp gets too hot, then it will curl and the stickiness if compromised completely ruining the stamps. Basically, if you don’t keep your stamp collection in a climate-controlled environment, then it will devalue, and the whole process will be a waste of time. Comics if exposed to a humid environment, will be destroyed.

Wooden items

Anything that is made out of wood like furniture and wooden ornaments needs to be kept in a climate-controlled environment. That is because wood is susceptible to the elements. It can warp, crack and rot over time if exposed to too much moisture. This includes things such as musical instruments also. If you allow your violin to come into contact with water, the wood will soak it up and ruin it.


Anything made out of leather also needs to be kept in a climate-controlled storage facility. That is leather furniture, clothes, coats, etc., Leather is very vulnerable to extreme weather fluctuations and can damage quite quickly. So if you want to ensure that that leather sofa is going to be usable in the future, you need to protect it.

Metal items

Metal contracts and retracts in hot and cold temperatures so anything electrical, or a musical instrument such as a trumpet will need to be kept safe in e temperature-controlled environment.