When distributing workspaces in a company, it is necessary to take into account different aspects to create a good spatial relationship between the different departments. There are many reasons why we consider it interesting to create the division of these spaces through the use of a customs office partition.

Flexibility and speed of the office screen

The office partition provides flexibility and speed in its execution compared to traditional partition techniques with brick and cement. The office screens. Being composed of prefabricated elements, it can be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing a millimetric adjustment and adaptability to the available space.

The current companies are living entities in which, along with their trajectory, new needs may arise: the creation of new departments, the need for new spaces to meet, changes in operational or managerial positions.

The execution of these spaces with an office screen allows us to create spaces in an efficient way. Either with a paneled wooden office screen or with a glazed office partition, any type of solution will cover the needs we have in our offices.

Variety of models and features of dividing screens

Nowadays, the great variety of dividing screen models allows covering different needs in a company, allowing us to save on the final costs of a project.

There are models such as the F1 and F2 series designed to offer the greatest possible privacy, with elegance and design in line with high-level architectural projects.

The Espial and VO systems allow separations to be made in virtually any office space, adapting with its variety of finishes to any environment.

More technical screen models such as the Espai2 system are very functional and economical, allowing rapid execution when dividing spaces into offices, warehouses, and work areas. For work areas, models such as the closet partition allow obtaining a large storage capacity while serving as a physical separation of spaces.

Low maintenance of the office screen

Another important advantage is the small maintenance that is required of an office partition. Being coated with laminated board panels or glass, they do not need much more than periodic cleaning. There is practically no maintenance if we compare it with a work partition that needs a hand of paint from time to time.

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