Electric desks are the favorite of all of us. They work well for anyone who has access to electrical vents by their desks. There are several misconceptions regarding electric sit-stand desks that can prevent you from keeping you apart. In this article, we are going to tell you about a few of these fears about electric height adaptable desks.

Too expensive

One of the major misconceptions pertaining to electric standing desks is that they are very costly. There are several stores where you can find an affordable electric desk. PrimeCables electric standing desk is designed to be functional and affordable. With the counterbalance technology needed for a manual desk, electric desks just need access to a power outlet.

However, when you look at the advantages that an electric desk offers over a manual desk, you will find it is worth paying a few more bucks.

Consume a lot of electricity

Electric desks consume a lot of electricity. Due to which it does not make a choice for energy-conscious people. Popular electric standing desks use 200 watts power, using its height adjustment abilities to increase or reduce the height of the desk.

On-standby condition, an electric desk only uses 0.2 watts. In comparison to a computer that uses 60 watts to 250 watts of power on average, electric desks use a lot less power in each use.

The desk will collapse in case of power outage

Another misconception that people have is that electric desks will collapse under un-availability of power. This is not true. Though electric desk runs on electricity it requires power for the movement of the desk.

In cases when the power is not available, the desk won’t be able to move. It will become stationary. This can cause a little annoyance to people.

It moves very slow

A lot of people have this false notion that a pneumatic desk takes a longer time to move. An electric desk does not move instantly than a manual desk instantly, but it takes only 1.5″ a second for changing from a sitting to standing position. It takes less than ten seconds for the majority of people.


These are some of the popular myths that people were holding in regard to Electric Sit-Stand Desks. This information would have cleared most of them and removed fear in the minds of people about these desks. Electric sit-stand desks are much more functional than manual desks. Their popularity is not going to diminish in the near future.