Safety has become the main concern in today’s world and there are more than 100000 armored vehicles available in the market worldwide. These SUVs are there to keep you safe from terrorist attacks, assassins, robbery, kidnapping attempts, etc. You can find many makers manufacturing and producing armored vehicles, offering quick-turn around, industry-leading performance. It’s very essential to keep few things in mind while selecting the right vehicle.

Cadillac Escalade ESV

This special VIP packaged SUV comes with uncompromised safety and eye-catching exterior that will make you feel protected while you travel around in style. This luxurious ESV is equipped with CEN B4, B6, and B7 safety level, along with upgraded safety features, such as modified consoles, privacy partition between passenger and driver. With its 6.2L V8 engine, this beast can generate 420HP of power. It also comes with luxury OEM features, full rear-seat DVD entertainment system, LED headlights, and many more. The factory technology features, advanced a rear bulkhead system complete the 360-degree cabin protection.

Chevrolet Tahoe Executive

The fully redesigned Tahoe comes with impressive interior, updated exterior styling, increased optional equipment and improved fuel economy. Its exterior details along with higher-quality interior are sure to turn heads when it rolls down the street. Equipped with CEN B4, B6, and B7 armoring level, it can generate power up to 320HP from 5.3L V8 engine. With its large chassis to handle the armor, the Tahoe is an outstanding choice for strength, stability, and style.

Chevrolet Suburban

Offering best protection for a family of government entities, law enforcement, and NGOs, the Suburban is a popular choice for those looking armored SUV that doesn’t look like a ballistic vehicle. The stylish exterior and sleep interior complements the flawless undercover protection. Equipped with the similar level of armoring protection as Tahoe, Chevy Suburban is a great choice for armoring due to its excellent towing and off-road capabilities.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Fusing on-road elegance with off-road mastery, Toyota Land Cruiser undoubtedly adds to the top list due to its uncompromised performance combined with comfortable interior styling. Updated SUV features such as new rear bumper, LED brake lights offer a more cohesive appearance. Equipped with similar B4, B6, and B7 safety levels, this SUV can take personal security to soaring heights with its restless performance and uncompromised luxury features.

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