Printing photos on mediums like acrylic and glass is an innovative idea for wall décor and interiors. Instead of going for expensive paintings and artwork, you can print quality images, or even some of your personal photos. Printing services like Big Acrylic Prints accept all kinds of challenges related to digital prints on acrylic, and in this post, we are sharing a few tips, so that you can order acrylic prints like a pro.

Knowing acrylic prints better

Please note that acrylic is not same as glass. Acrylic is lighter and much more durable. While glass has its own charm, it is not always the best choice, especially where safety is a concern. For example, if you have kids at home, you may want to avoid glass in the first place. In comparison, acrylic prints can last for decades, and the quality of printing is never compromised. The only downside is usage, as acrylic is not suited for outdoor use. If you want to buy prints for exteriors or for open areas, metal is a better choice, and so is glass.

Ordering acrylic prints for décor

For wall décor and interiors in particular, you need to order acrylic prints of the right sizes. It is possible to select an image and print it on a large acrylic surface, but keep in mind that the print quality is largely dependent on the image. You have to select images of high resolution. For personal images and photos, select only those that have been clicked using a good DSLR. For stock photos, there are many websites, from where you can buy images for printing, and these are usually high-quality images. Apart from the size and material, display options have to be considered, as well. Float, float frame and standoff are three popular choices, and you can check online to find samples for each.

Working with a printing service

Find a service that specializes in acrylic prints and check some of their samples and best work to know what they can offer. Depending on what you want to order, check the size restrictions, if any. Note that acrylic printing is not same as face mounting. In case of the latter, the image is printed on paper and then sandwiched between an acrylic material and substrate, while for digital acrylic prints, printing is done on the material itself.

Check samples, find the best pictures and place an order now!