Fly fishing takes skill and can be more physically active than other types of fishing, where you may sit on a chair on the shore and just wait. It also helps build beginners’ knowledge of fish behavior since they get to take such an active role in figuring out how to catch the fish. Beginners can look at wholesale fly fishing supplies to find flies that could make that first fishing trip a success.

Research the Types of Insects the Fish Like

The point of using a fly is to imitate an insect that your intended catch would love to eat. That fly needs to match those insects as closely as possible in terms of movement, shape, and size. When you see the flies up close, you’re not going to see little replicas of insects. However, you will see components that mimic wings or body shape that could attract a nice-sized fish. Spend some time researching the fish you’re trying to catch, look up what they eat, and look for flies that are a reasonable imitation.

When you get to the water, see if there are groups of fish congregating anywhere, and look at what they may be trying to eat, such as a particular insect that is swarming in the area. Pick a fly that matches that insect as closely as possible. Don’t cast the fly into the water too hard, or you may scare away fish.

Choose Between Attracting and Sneaking Into a Feeding Session

If you see a feeding session, see if you can sneak your fly into that frenzy. Again, take care not to scare the fish away. But if you can place your fly in that area, a hungry fish may go for your bait. If you don’t see a feeding session — in fact, even if you see no fish whatsoever — choose a fly that could attract a fish. This should be one that offers a lot of movement in the water and that could signal to a nearby fish to check that spot for food.

Keep Trying Different Flies

Field and Stream points out that choosing a fly also depends essentially on what the fish want that day. You could choose what looks like the perfect fly only to find fish ignoring it. Instead of waiting all day for no bites, wait a few minutes — and then change the fly. Repeat until you get a bite.

If you want to look at a huge variety of flies, FlyDeal offers wholesale fly fishing supplies that include wet and dry flies, muddlers, and much more. Fly fishing is a rewarding hobby that you can take part in for the rest of your life.