Entrepreneurship isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Unless you are comfortable with living an unpredictable life with frequent struggles, lots of setbacks, inconsistent paychecks, gloomy future related thoughts, and uncertainty about everything you stand for, you shouldn’t think of becoming an entrepreneur.

Those who are used to living a comfortable and normal life, entrepreneurship isn’t meant for them. Even if they try, they are most likely to fail. So, think about it seriously before making the final call. Once you have made up your mind, follow these points to not fail as an entrepreneur.

Embrace Creativity

Gone are those days when you could setup machinery, use your contacts to get orders and call it a business. Today’s economy favours creativity. If you can spot a problem and find creative ways to solve it, you can easily make it large as an entrepreneur. So, if the goal is to not fail in your entrepreneurial journey, then learn to embrace creativity. This is your best bet to not fail in pursuing your dream.

Don’t Ignore Users

Many businesses fade away from the market over time because of one single fact — they don’t give importance to their users. While running the business, they forget one single fact, which is but the core reason behind their success is their users. Without them, they are good for nothing.

If you also want to succeed, never ignore your potential customers. Hear them out, their feedback, their queries, their doubts, etc. Keep a close eye on what they want to make their lives simpler and less hassled, and see if you can do something about it. Give them back something sometimes. Gifts, souvenirs, Promotional Products with lasting endearment – products like Easter eggs, getting creative here.

Be Active On Social Media

Continuing from the previous point, not ignoring your customers is possible only when you chase them everywhere. Since almost 90% of people using the internet are present on at least one social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. As an entrepreneur, build a solid presence on all these platforms so you can be in constant touch with your users.

Those businesses who made the mistake of not staying active on social media in the past paid a huge price for it. They either failed to capitalise on various opportunities presented to them by the market or disappeared from it completely. If you want neither of it to be your fate, then start building a solid presence on various social media platforms.

The last but not the least is — don’t resist change. Nokia, once the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, went out of business because it resisted change. When the rest of the companies accepted Android OS on their devices, it failed to make a call, as a result users switched to other cell phones and forced Nokia to pack up its business and leave. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake by resisting change.

If you don’t want to fail as an entrepreneur, you need to keep all these points in mind and follow them without any failure.