Have you ever wondered what could bein your ducts? Chances are you never have, but it’s time to think about it now. Why? So you can do something about it, of course! In your ducts there could be unpleasant elements such as allergens, insects and animals, smells, and dirt and dust. All of these things can have negative effects on your quality of life at home, which is why it’s so important to have duct cleaning in Melbourne done regularly.


If you have someone in your household who is sensitive to allergens, then it’s imperative that you have duct cleaning in Melbourne done on a regular basis. Many allergens, including pollen, can get swept up by your HVAC system and stored in your ducts. These same allergens can then swirl out into the air, ready to assault the sinuses of allergy sufferers. Even your pet’s fur could be causing an allergic reaction in one of your family members. You just won’t know until you organise duct cleaning in Melbourne and notice the difference afterward. Duct cleaning is a necessary precaution for allergy suffers, especially during hay fever season.

Insects and Animals

Did you know there could be insects crawling around in your ducts? And animals too, such as rodents, possums and birds? These creatures can block the flow of air in your ducts, and when they get caught and die, they can leave behind a nasty smell. Another thing they can leave behind is their faeces, and as your HVAC system pushes air through all that muck, you can imagine how unhygienic the air in your home could be. If you truly want a clean and hygienic home, duct cleaning in Melbourne is an absolute must on a regular basis.


You might wonder how smells can possibly get caught in your ducts. The answer is that potent odours such as takeaway food smells or smoke can actually be absorbed into the dust particles in your ducts and hang around for long periods of time. You may not even realise how smelly your ducts actually are until you have them cleaned. The background odour of your home will be completely eradicated, leaning behind only freshness. So if you’re battling with funny smells in your ducts, duct cleaning in Melbourne could be well worth considering.

Dirt and Dust

How many times a week do you need to clean your home to keep it spick and span? Take that number and halve it, because you’ll only need to clean half as often after you get duct cleaning in Melbourne done. The truth is that ducts are a natural home for dust, as air is pushed through them, allowing dust to deposit itself in your ducts. Dirt and dust are two elements that can be completely removed when you get duct cleaning done, automatically making your home so much cleaner so you can cut down on the time you spend cleaning.