In the building and construction sectors, colored concretes are a vital product. They have a wide range of uses some of which includes driveways, paving and house slabs. Concretes make construction cheaper since they are readily available and they are user friendly.

The colored concrete price varies widely in various geographical regions. It is therefore important that you inquire more about the prices from each company before you can you’re your order. Typically, the standard prices for colored concrete is approximately $113 per yard. Estimating concrete prices cannot go without putting sub-base preparation, grading and concrete forms and finishing into consideration.

Elements of a concrete price analysis


The cost of setting up sub-bases is estimated to be about $12 to $18 per cubic yard. Sub-bases are mostly used to set up concrete slabs. The amount of weight that sub-bases can support depends on the thickness of the slab. Sub-bases are usually made from gravel with fine materials.

Concrete forms and finishing 

When it comes to concrete forms, the labor cost is a major factor to consider. Setting up these concrete forms and finishing a concrete is a tedious task and therefore it may contribute to a higher pricing of the concrete especially for high quality colored concrete. Concrete forms are basically solid surfaces that support concretes in their right places. Their cost ranges from $1.5-$2.00 per square foot. However the cost may vary depending on the manufacturing company.


It is necessary due to the cracking of concretes. The cost of reinforcing a concrete will purely depend on the size and the number of cracks. This cost ranges between $0.15 -$0.30 per square foot. Materials such as plastic mesh, fiber and wire mesh can be used in the reinforcement process.

The amount of dirt in the area that needs to be concreted is a big factor in ascertaining the cost of grading concrete. The cost ranges from $50 -$70 per hour.

Decorative concrete cost

Decorative concretes are a good choice for people who want an appealing look which is less costly. The material used in setting up a decorative concrete will determine whether the cost will be high or low. For instance using marble and hardwood will be more costly compared to using gravel and plain concrete.

There are four methods that can be used to make a decorative concrete. These include using concrete dyes, integral colors, concrete stains and dry-shake color hardeners.

Pros of colored concretes

  • They are price friendly and therefore a better option if your budget on the colored concrete is low.
  • They are long lasting and hence you do not need to worry about spending more on future replacements.
  • Infinite colors and shapes giving you a large variety of options to choose from.
  • Low cost of maintenance


  • Any items that falls on the floor is subject to destruction
  • Concretes are relatively cold which can make standing on them for longer periods uncomfortable.
  • An improper laid concrete is subject to cracks which may call for additional costs.

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