As precious as it is, real fur is equally delicate. If you own a real fur blanket, then you really need to learn the different ways in which it should be maintained. Believe us when we say this, getting a real fur blanket clean and in perfect condition isn’t as difficult a task as some people say it is. Yes, it’s true that they require some amount of pampering, but maintaining them isn’t going to be expensive in any way. Just like you get normal blankets or faux fur blankets dry cleaned every once in a while, you’ll have to do the same with real fur blankets too. 

The only difference here is that you cannot manhandle real fur. Remember, since real fur comes directly from animals it will go through the following cycles. 

  • Real fur will produce natural oils. Hence getting the real fur blankets dry cleaned once or twice in a year is necessary. 
  • Real fur attracts moisture and dust. So, you’ll have to be extra careful since you can’t wash them in a machine like you wash a normal blanket. 
  • A damp fur means there’s going to be smell and it will brew bacteria and germs too. 

All in all, cleaning real fur is extra effort. But, in no way, will it take hours from your end nor any extra money. And this guide is all about those tricks that’ll help you in maintaining fur blankets at home. But before we make a compilation of those tricks, we’d like to introduce you to a couple of high-quality Wolfie Fur blankets that’ll keep you thoroughly warm. 

  1. MONTANA Real Fur Blanket

This is a wonderful warm fur blanket made of real fur from American Lynx. Other than that, the pure velvet lining is the one feature that makes this blanket visibly very attractive. 

You can buy this furry blanket at 2495 USD on sale. 

  1. DENALI Fur Blanket

Available in many colors – Safari brown, croco, blue camo and beige camo, red, and blonde brown – this excellent blanket is made of real mink fur from Finnish fox. 

You can buy it at 3395 USD on sale. 

Let’s now move down to caring for real fur. 

  1. Keep/store your fur blankets in a thoroughly ventilated room so that they do not catch moisture. 
  2. Use a blow dryer to remove any trace of moisture from the blanket.
  3. Brush the fur from time to time with a soft bristle brush like a cashmere brush to soften tangles and remove dust.
  4. Never keep any kind of metal plate or a heavy pan on the tip of the blanket. 

As long as you follow these simple tricks, your fur blanket will stay as good and bright as new.