Thanks to easy internet access, most people search for exterminators and pest control companies online, rather than asking others. Taking your local pest control company business online is not a choice anymore. If you want to outsmart your competitors, get seen by customers, and claim a spot on the first page of Google, you need online marketing and SEO. How important is online marketing for pest control companies? How can your small business get started? In this post, we are sharing some relevant details. 

Benefits of SEO and online marketing

There are several real reasons to consider online marketing for pest control companies – 

  1. Get online exposure. Your customers need to find your business online, for which having a website and spending on marketing is more than necessary. 
  2. Establish authority. Just by ensuring your presence online, you can send a clear indication to your competitors that your pest control business is aggressive in its branding approach. 
  3. Gain customer trust. When a customer looks for local pest control companies and finds your website on the top of search results, they are likely to feel more confident in your services. 
  4. More genuine leads. Traffic you get through SEO and PPC to your website is highly valuable. People who come to your website are more likely to make a call or place an enquiry. 
  5. Create a brand. Your small pest control company may not be able to promote extensively through offline means and methods, but the online marketplace offers a fair ground. You can create a brand from scratch. 

Finding a good marketing agency

Selecting a reliable agency for your pest control marketing needs is as important. Instead of chasing the cheapest quote, review the work profile of the company to know if they have worked with pest control services and exterminators in the past. As a client, you can also ask about their strategy and work profile in depth, besides asking for references. The cost of online marketing depends on the marketing mix. For instance, if you are just starting with SEO, you don’t have to pay as much, but for PPC and social media marketing, the pricing may go up. 

Your pest control company deserves to be found online, for which the website of your business is as important. When you discuss your marketing goals with an agency, ask them for a website audit and check what they think about the existing status of your business portal.