Technology has made life easier and the introduction of wheelchair accessible van has significantly enhanced the comfort, safety and convenience of the disabled person on road. Most of the reliable mobility van and equipment manufacturers believe that everyone deserves a free life where they can move without anyone’s assistance. Hence, they strive to make each drive of the physically challenged person smooth and safe with latest technology. One of the problems faced by most of the disabled person is to transfer from their wheelchair to the driving seat but now with the high quality transfer seat bases of reputable manufacturer they can easily and quickly transfer to the desired seat and drive can confidently.

Transforming Automotive Seats

Key Flexibility offers a total line of Transforming Automotive Seats or TAS products that permit you to effortlessly get in and leave your vehicle. The styles are offered in the manual as well as fully-powered models. Best of all, these terrific products can be contributed to all types as well as brand names of vehicles, consisting of cars, wagons, SUVs, minivans, crossovers, pickup and full-size vans. These auto seats that revolve, some that even go up as well as down for a perfect transfer height will transform the way you take a trip. There’s nothing to these lavish seats that says clinical or handicapped.

Choose wisely your transfer seats

Regardless of minivans, full-size vans and specialty vans today’s marketplace is flooded with numerous driving equipment and controls for limited mobility drivers so that they can choose the right equipment as per their needs and budget. While choosing the transfer seat bases consider few factors and then take unambiguous decision

  • Evaluate the reputation and credibility of the manufacturers
  • Check the different styles namely 6 Way Transfer Seat, Up/Down, Forward/Back, Swivel In/Out or 4 Way Transfers, Forward/Back, Swivel In/Out
  • As tall people or people who weigh more than 500 lbs can have difficulty using transfer seat base so to determine if a transfer seat is right for you by evaluating length and weight characteristics
  • Ensure the company deal with high quality products
  • Check the warranty

Price consideration

Apparently, the price of the transfer seat bases will vary as per your choice of 4-way or 6-way and also with the weight limitation but it is always advisable to compare the price of few reputable manufacturers and then choose the best one. Consult an expert and be aware of the prince range and options available. Most of the reputable wheelchair van and equipment providers offer one stop solution for the purchase, service and installation.