The medical clinics at Bundoora uphold their personal ethics, integrity, accountability, and responsibility to push themselves and create a professional work environment. The patient’s well being and care are always adhered to the highest professional standards in all their professional activities. Treatment is provided without any prejudice, valuing, and respecting every individual patient irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds or social economic status.

The diverse knowledge and experience of the medical doctors is honored and celebrated in these clinics. They care about their patient’s health which is why these clinics follow bulk billing practice. Healthcare management is made simple right from the general checkups and preventative care to chronic condition management.

Welcoming New Patients

Telehealth and face to face appointments are available for both existing and new customers at a medical clinic in Bundoora. They also offer bulk billed visits for longer consultation or short appointment for those with a Medicare card. Telehealth consultations avoid the travel to the clinic, by simply making an online booking.

People suffering from insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety or eating disorders can undergo various treatment options at a Bundoora medical clinic, where the doctor can even speak to the patient about the usage of medical cannabis. A chronic medical condition is one that has been present in the patient’s body for six months or longer. These conditions include heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, or asthma that requires the care of a specialist.

Minor Procedures and Disease Management

In a well-equipped treatment room, the doctors at the medical clinics in Bundoora can perform any minor procedures on their patients. Suturing and excisions are the minor procedures that require a longer consult and the reception staff will make sure that adequate time is allowed with your doctor on making an appointment.

The instruments and equipment used is sterilized and the clinic fully complies with the Australian medical standards and regulations. These clinics can help their patients with expert advice on nutrition and food from their onsite dieticians. Dieticians assist their patients with losing weight, managing a chronic disease, planning healthy meals, or even gaining weight.

Managing Injuries and Vaccinations

Doctors or other allied health specialists at the medical clinics in Bundoora help their patient whether they have an injured knee or just a sore shoulder. This is where the onsite exercise physiologist or physiotherapist assists the patients with their expertise. Flu vaccinations are also available at these clinics or the doctors can visit a childcare center, school, or workplace, to vaccinate the children offsite.

A new and holistic approach to patient wellbeing and care is being offered at medical centers in Bundoora using state of the art technology in an array of healthcare services. They deliver quality healthcare with the support of both male and female general practitioners along with a team of clinical staff and nurses. Your Bundoora Family Clinic doctors will assess which medical plan is appropriate to your physical condition, as they work with their patients on prevention of diseases and provide regular checks relevant to their condition to achieve better outcomes.