This quick guide will cover the basics of family law, including what it is andsome of the most common reasons for hiring family lawyers in Melbourne. Read on to find out more. 

What is Family Law?

Family law is an area of legal practice that concerns family matters and relationships, including adoption, divorce, child custody and other related areas. Family lawyers in Melbourne might appear in family court representing a client or negotiate on behalf of a client in a family law matter. They may also be involved in drafting important legal documents to support certain legal actions. Family lawyers can have particular expertise in certain areas of family law such as adoption, paternity, emancipation or other subjects. There are laws around what constitutes a legal marriage or divorce, and family lawyers in Melbourne can help instigate or verify a certain legal state. 

Why Hire a Family Lawyer? 

The most common reason for people to hire family lawyers in Melbourne is because they’re facing a divorce and need help with the divorce itself and other related matters. But having said that, there are also other less usual areas of family law that you may require a lawyer for, such as foster care and reproductive rights. It’s important that you choose the right family lawyers for you and your situation, as family law is perhaps the most personal of all forms of law. You want your nearest and dearest to be properly protected during family law proceedings. Here are some of the most usual motivations to hire a family lawyer:


During a divorce, the two parties each hire their own family lawyers in Melbourne. The aim is to create a settlement plan in order to avoid a trial. If you’re looking to hire family lawyers to help you with a divorce, it’s a good ideato find lawyers who are great negotiators. This is because you preferable want to sort everything out at the settlement stage. The kinds of things that need to be looked at during a divorce include dividing property, establishing a number for spousal support, as well as child custody, visitation and support where necessary. 

Child Custody or Child Support

Usually, when a case for divorce comes to the attention of lawyers or courts, the stipulations for child custody or child support will be outlined at that time. However, should conditions change, the rules may also fluctuate or be revisited. When parental income changes, or even when a non-custodial parents income changes, the child support situation may also alter. An experienced family lawyer will be able to assist with all child custody and child support matters. 


The main motivation for paternity cases is often for the mother to obtain child support payments from a father who is not present. Biological fathers can sometimes file a case in an effort to build a relationship with a child. DNA testing is a crucial part of paternity cases. 

Adoption or Foster Care

Adoption is nowhere near a simple process. What doesn’t help is that the laws can change as per the type of adoption, the child’s birth place, differences in state laws, and a host of other complications. Due to the nature of the process, it’s important to seek the help of family lawyers in Melbourne.  The foster process in itself may not require a legal process, although should foster parents wish to adopt their children, they will need the assistance of a family lawyer.