Disputes at work must be resolved amicably between employees and employers. In the real world, however, things can be different. For instance, what happens if you complained about sexual harassment from a supervisor, but was fired in return? For such circumstances, you need an attorney by your side. In this post, we are sharing five reasons why you may want to hire an employment attorney New Jersey

  1. To review your employment contract. The contract or agreement with your employer, determines the terms and conditions of employment. It is absolutely necessary to read the contract in depth, so as to understand your rights and duties for the role. Also, an employment attorney can help in understanding if you are getting the benefits that you deserve, as per state and federal laws. 
  2. For filing for a wrongful termination lawsuit. At-will employment means that your employer can choose to fire you for any reason. However, there are numerous laws in place to protect your rights as an employee. Examples include Americans with Disabilities Act and Pregnancy Discrimination Act. If you were wrongfully terminated from the job, contact an attorney to understand the best course of action. 
  3. Because you suffered discrimination at work. Besides wrongful termination, there are various ways in which an employer can discriminate against you. For instance, you may have been denied a promotion because of your age. Such discrimination because of your age, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, race, religion, and color is unlawful. As an employee, you have your rights, so talk to an attorney to know more on your options. 
  4. You suffered sexual harassment at work. Keep in mind that sexual harassment must be reported and is not to be taken lightly. However, you are also expected to prove your claim, and the claim must be filed within the given deadline as per laws. for instance, if you want to file a sexual harassment claim with EEOC, you have 300 days to do that, from the date of accident. Talk to an attorney to understand your rights. 
  5. You have a workers’ compensation claim. If you were injured at work and want help with your workers’ compensation claim, an attorney can be handy. They can ensure that the compensation is enough to cover for damages and losses you have suffered. 

Find an attorney you can trust with your case, and thankfully, there are some awesome law firms in NJ for that.