If you think it is time to pop the question, you need to prepare for it by buying a ring first. Choosing a ring can be stressful because there are so many choices to make. Luckily for you, you can narrow down your options when you know what you want.

Here are some helpful tips to help you purchase the perfect wedding ring for your soon-to-be spouse!

Set a Budget

Before you go out and buy a ring, you need to set a realistic budget first. If you already have a wedding budget in mind, you might use 2% of it for the rings. You have to think about a lot of factors when it comes to setting a budget.

You could buy a finished ring from the shop, but a customized one will come at different costs. Some things that change the price are the band, stone, engraving, etc.

Know the Style

Think about the person you love and what their usual style is – it will help you a lot when you choose a ring. If they are elegant and traditional, a solitaire setting would be fantastic. Rings with halo settings are great for people who are outgoing and stylish.

Think about the style for long term purposes too – you want the ring to be able to go with the future trends. Try not to choose a very modern style, that way your future spouse can wear it with pride in the days to come.

Choose a Stone

The stone of the ring is the first thing that people see, so choose a stone that your future spouse will adore. Diamonds are usually the most loved stones and go with both silver and gold bands. If you were to look for diamond rings here in Utah, you would find many great choices for your partner!

You could also get them a stone based on their favorite color or their birth month.

Choose a Metal

Choosing the metal for your band is just as important as selecting a stone. For wedding rings, you want the bands to be made of the same metal so you will want to choose a metal that flatters both of you. Think about skin undertones – gold suits people that have warm undertones.

Silver looks good on people with cool undertones, whereas people with neutral undertones can wear either. Remember that you can find different types of metal, for instance, you can get rose gold if you want a softer, feminine kind of gold.

Proper Sizing

Did you know that fingers contract and swell because of cold or heat? Many people wear their rings throughout the seasons, which means your ring might be uncomfortable at certain times of the year. If you are to get a ring fitting, do not do it when you are very cold or hot, after exercising and right after you wake up.

Be sure you have a normal body temperature and that you are calm when you get the final ring fitting.

Wedding rings are a great way to remember the day you decided to proclaim your love, so you must choose the right ones. Follow the tips above to help you get the perfect wedding ring.

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