When you have hired the best from the list of Fort Wayne Personal Injury Lawyers and filed the claim, you would have faith in your lawyer to help you enhance the chances of winning the claim. However, to win the claim, your injury lawyer requires your assistance. You could make your lawyer’s job relatively easy or extremely difficult in gathering evidence for strengthening the claim. If you wish to win a deserved compensation, you should consider narrating every minor detail to the injury lawyer. Let the lawyer be the judge of what is important for strengthening the claim and what should be avoided. 

Your job is to provide the injury lawyer with comprehensive details of the accident. If you had clicked photographs of the accident site, it would be largely helpful to the lawyer while preparing the claim. He does not have to start from scratch. He could relate your version of the accident with the photographs and other details provided by you. It would be of great assistance to the lawyer if you could recall every minute detail of the accident. Apart from the narration of the accident, you should consider providing the lawyer with a detailed medical report along with the receipts of medical expenses. It would help the lawyer in corroborating the claim with evidence of the expenses incurred for treating the injuries incurred due to the accident. 

Consider gathering everything related to the accident. If you were susceptible to the future medical condition due to the accident, you should get it mentioned in the medical report. It should have a detailed report about your physical, mental, and psychological condition. The injury lawyer would use the information to calculate a fair amount as compensation. It would be in your best interest to look for comprehensive information about your injuries to add the amount in the claim for the pain and suffering incurred due to the accident.