Everyone wants to help save the planet these days, and they should. This is the only planet that we have and we need to make sure that we are taking the best possible care of it. This is why a lot of people are turning to eco friendly construction companies to help them with remodeling their homes. You can get eco friendly construction companies to do the work you need done on your home, and they can do it so that it not only gives you the results you want, but results that the planet wants and needs. Here are some of the key components of building green.

Solar power, as most of us know, is just like regular power except that it takes energy from the sun. This not only cuts out a lot of your electricity bill, but it also saves the planet so much more than you would think. The average person can rack up at least $200 worth of electricity in a month, that is a lot of power being taken from the planet. If we would all switch to solar power, we would have constant power that we can rely on, and the planet would benefit greatly from it. While it might be expensive to switch over at first, the loss of your electricity bill will make the purchase worth it completely.

You can have energy saving bulbs put in. These bulbs are something you can get from your local supermarket, they are a little more expensive than regular bulbs but this is because they last longer. They save energy, thus saving your power bill and the planet, and they last a few more months than a regular light bulb would last. These bulbs also have a lighter color, less yellow than a regular bulb, and they are also a lot more aesthetically pleasing to look at if you have a lamp that allows you to see the bulb. These bulbs come in bulk packages and are swirls instead of circle bulbs.

You can switch to drying your clothes on a clothesline and this will also save you money. As fun as the idea of having everything run on solar power is, it is a little bit impossible at this point in time. You can still use your washer, and you can use your dryer, but if you dry your clothes on a clothesline, you will get the same dry results and the planet will not have had to push the energy out for that to happen. If you are going to use your dryer, make sure to keep the lent catcher clean. This will prevent breakdowns, fires, and the dryer will work a lot faster, no more double cycles to get the clothes dry.

Fix up your windows. You can call the eco friendly company of your choosing and have them install fresh new windows. Older windows might not seem like they have an issue that needs to be fixed, but after awhile these windows will let heat and cold inside of your home. When heat escapes your home, you are forced to use your heater more, and the more power you are taking from the earth. Fresh windows will help you a lot with the eco friendly process.

There are a lot of different ways that we can help the planet be a greener place, it doesn’t take much either. Follow along with this list, fix up your home the eco friendly way, and your life, and the planet, will be better for it.