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If you have been running your business for quite a while, then you may already have a good perspective on what drives visitors to your site – and, more than this, what makes them stay. Your site’s overall effectiveness and your being able to reach your website goals will have a lot to do with traffic that reaches your site, but what exactly is site traffic, and how can you fully optimise it for your website? How can you properly enhance and improve traffic to your site in 2021? If you are becoming concerned about website traffic and know that improving it can drive your business forward, here’s how you can do it right. 

Understand what it is first 

The first step is to understand what it is and what it can do for you. Website traffic is simply the indication of the number of users who go to your website. Tools used in analytics will give you an idea of the page views, which tells you how many times someone has gone to your website. The concept behind this is simple: the more visitors you receive, the more chances you have of converting those visitors. 

Enhancing and improving traffic to your site: what you should know

  • Optimise search for your site 

If you are just beginning, you should concentrate on finding the right keywords – keywords that can represent your industry or niche so you can use this as a base for your pages and blog content. Normally, you should concentrate on one or a few primary keywords for each page. At the start, it pays to focus on those keywords that have a volume of searches below 10,000 per month. But as you go further along, you can shift your focus to keywords with a higher volume. The key is to have relevant and strong keywords as your foundation. 

  • Keep your content fresh 

Fresh content can definitely drive visitors to your site and make an impact on your site traffic, as the website specialists from Expre will readily confirm. For this, you would have to focus on removing outdated or obsolete content and add some newer sections that will keep your content fresh and relevant. It’s essentially like ‘touching up’ your web pages. One way you can keep fresh content is to get your most recent customers’ feedback and make use of it and add it to your product or service descriptions.

  • Build on your site’s backlinks 

Your site’s backlinks can also pave the way for more traffic to your site, and it’s an integral component of SEO. Once you get an external website to link to your site, it tells Google that the website you have is relevant and trustworthy via your clickable words or anchor text. But backlinks can do more than this as well – they can ultimately increase traffic to your site just because users from the backlinked site can click on your link and then end up exploring your website – which is a definite win! 

  • Know what your competitors are doing

Yes, your competitors can tell you a lot about what is trendy and what you should be doing. If you know what your competitors are doing, you can understand their marketing strategies and channels and perhaps make use of it – or better yet, improve on them.