As a growing company in the digital business, you need an efficient sales channel implementation. With the cost heavy processes of keeping an active call centre or running a department with sales executives, the costs attached here can take a huge toll on the business as a whole.

Enter the remote process of telesales and telemarketing avenue of conducting your sales prospecting via marketplaces like VOIZ. If your business is great at attracting potential customers, you need better telesales to convert them as customers. Hiring remote workers was once a challenge. Marketplaces like VOIZ offer a flexible option to hire CX agents who would deliver your brand’s CX services via pre-trained remote agents.

These pre-trained remote agents are easy to hire from VOIZ. You may ramp-up and ramp-down the CX agent team size based on your changing demand.

Here’s what you can expect from a remote telesales CX agent to do for your business:

1. Managing multiple product line sales prospecting. A pre-trained remote CX agent enables you to arrive at making smart business decisions as they manage multiple product line sales and service sale prospecting by conducting targeted calls daily. VOIZ offers you a marketplace to hire the best telesales agents who would maximize cost efficiencies and save time.

2. Growth mindset and handling inbound enquiries. A remote CX worker has the bandwidth to manage inbound enquiries and upsell and cross-sell as and when customers come with various tailor-made requirements. VOIZ provides the hire of such CX agents who are pre-trained and have a growth mindset.

3. Tapping into buyer’s psychology in a remote work environment. One of the most important things is to be able to understand the customer psyche and engage with prospects in a sensitive and effective manner. A business can easily opt for simple integration with CX agents who are trained and can conduct all the sales processes right from lead generation to documenting prospects and closing sales.

Based on the various B2B or B2C solutions that you sell, your prospects or customers may already be facing a lot of challenges currently due to the outbreak of Covid-19. In such times it is essential to have CX teams who can handle telesales and provide quick respite to your customers. VOIZ offers end to end CX processes with trained agents, flexible tracking mechanisms and easy handling of the workforce that is operating remotely.