We are born in a pet-loving culture and while most of them don’t have any hatred towards a pet some of us love pets to another extent. Some people love their pets, other aspects and in general all the animal more than do love anything else in the world. This human-animal interaction has developed over some time and there is particular science behind why people love pets more than anything.

It is not crazy holding your dog’s face and looking into their eye and talking directly t them knowing as if they completely understand and you and opinion against this will seriously bother a pet person. If you are in Bangalore and want to experience this change an add a member to your family go find the Bangalore best pet supplies online to get the pet you have always desired and take care of him/her as your little kid.


It is seen that dog owners have experienced a 300% rise in oxytocin level after spending just half an hour with their dogs. The eye to eye contact with your dog is really important and is crucial for developing the relationship, one good eye contact and it will the oxytocin and will be a proof for a long-lasting relationship.

Oxytocin is an important playing a crucial role in developing trust, friendship and bonding this is the chemical acting between a mother and an infant. It is so powerful that it is also commonly known as the love hormone. When you look into your dog’s eye this hormone is generated and that is why you two are inseparable.


The simple facts are having pet keeps you happy and engaged. For older people, it is not like someone who loves you back till 10 or 12 and after that, they start developing separation from you. It engages people at home and keeps them busy it is like taking care f young baby who will love and protect you in return till their last breath.

A question is also there whether the dogs love humans back. After research, it was indeed sure that dogs have equal affection or humans and love them immensely. With time they develop a bond with humans which no one else could replace and thus animals do have affection for humans.

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