Unfortunately one piece of car ownership is that at some point you are going to have to have your car worked on. Auto repairs can be expensive and it is difficult to find someone to work on your car that you trust.

When it comes to the auto industry there are a couple layers of mechanics and technicians that can help you with your car. But what is the difference between a mechanic and a technician? How do you know which is best to be working on your car? Here are a few differences between a technician and a mechanic.

Type of Work

The biggest difference between the mechanic and the technician is the type of work that they are specialized to do. All types of people who work on cars usually have a great overview of how the motor, engine and electronics work.

However a technician will be specialized in working on the electronic aspects of the car. Their training likely focused on utilizing a type of computer system to talk to the car’s computer to find out and fix the problem. Whereas a mechanics training likely specializes in the actual operation and mechanics of the motor and transmission.


Typically there is a slight difference in pay between a mechanic and technician. Mechanics make a little bit more money than a technician. However this may be more because technicians are also typically a little younger.

The training that technicians have is slightly cheaper as well. The addition of cars with more electronic parts has made the job of the technician necessary. The best paid car mechanics are both mechanics and technicians. To be a good mechanic you should be educating yourself in both technician and mechanic type materials. A full service mechanic will make good money.

Specificity of the Trade

Another big difference between mechanic and technician is the specificity of their trade. What this means is that most technicians specialize in a brand. For example Ford will train their technicians at their dealerships to know how to work on the specific electronics that are coming out on their newest cars.

So just because a technician is good at working on Ford vehicles doesn’t mean they would be good Dodge technicians. However, the basic mechanical aspects of cars stay pretty equivalent across the brands. So a good mechanic at Ford will likely also be able to quickly pick up the mechanics of working on a Dodge.

Age of the Technician

As new cars have come out the electronics have gotten more and more elaborate. This addition of electronics to vehicles tends to trip up the older generation of mechanics that are well trained in the old style of the trade with less electronics. Along with that companies like Ford and Dodge are constantly looking for good technicians to start in the trade. They are usually nabbing people right out of high school and offering to train them. This is a point where they are looking for a direction and for some kids who are better hand learners, this is a perfect and inexpensive trade to get into that has the potential to make them lots of money.


The differences between a technician and mechanic are interestingly vast. A great full service mechanic will be able to claim both the technician and mechanic title. There are training classes going on constantly to help those wanting to learn about the mechanics and electronics of today’s new cars.

Speak with the mechanic that will be working on your car and find out what their specialty is. You want to be sure you have a trustworthy person working on your car. At the end of the day, having your car worked on is just a small unfortunate piece of car ownership.