Are you about to receive Lasik eye surgery to correct astigmatism, hyperopia or myopia? Be sure to follow the following self-care tips to ensure a smooth recovery.

Looking after your eyes post-surgery

After surgery at your eye clinic in Windsor, the most important thing is to care for your eyes. The first 24 hours post-surgery are vital, and the typical routine of eye care should be followed for some months after your treatment.  

Practise the following eye care tips in the day after your surgery:

  • Know your recovery period: You should have a thorough understanding about how long it will take to recover after your surgery.
  • Avoid bright light: In the immediate five or six hours after your surgery. This is because you may have some eye pain that could be exacerbated by the bright light. This pain should subside after a few hours.
  • Avoid straining your eyes: You should avoid using technology like television, smartphones and tablets as much as possible so as to avoid straining your eyes.
  • Avoid driving: Until your vision feels clearer and you feel up to driving.

Practise the following tips within two weeks post-surgery:

  • You can exercise: However, avoid swimming for at least 15 days post-surgery. After around a month, you should be able to play contact sports again, but consider protective glasses.
  • Allow your eyes to heal: You may experience dry eyes for months post-surgery and this is normal. It’s important to allow your eyes to heal and to avoid any activity that may inflict unnecessary strain on your eyes.
  • Keep muck out of them: You should avoid any situation where dust, dirt or other debris could come into contact with your eyes.
  • Avoid smoking: Smoking is bad for the eyes as is smoke getting into the eyes. Avoid smoking or coming into contact with second hand smoke.
  • Use your prescription: Your doctor will prescribe medications to help the healing process – follow them as directed.
  • Take care bathing: Avoid shampoo or soap that could harm the healing process.
  • Wear sunnies: Sunglasses help protect your eyes from sunlight post-surgery. Wear them for a few days to avoid harming your eyes.
  • Avoid makeup: Eye shadow and other makeup could disturb your eyes in the healing process. Avoid them for a couple of weeks post-surgery.
  • Don’t rub your eyes: This could disturb your eyes post-Lasik surgery, and could even cause severe complications. Your corneal flap is healing post-surgery, and rubbing the eyes could displace the corneal flap.
  •  Enjoy some you time: Avoid work or social situations for a few days post-surgery. This is time to relax and allow your eyes to heal without anything potentially disturbing them. Rest, eat, sleep, listen to music – it’s time to chill and allow your eyes to naturally heal.
  •  Avoid contact sports: Contact sports are a big no no post-surgery. It’s all pretty self-explanatory as you can imagine the dangers they present to a post-surgery eye.
  • Avoid most exercise: Avoid strenuous exercises and tasks that could potentially disturb your eyes post-surgery – this isn’t restricted to contact sports.
  •  Wear night shield: Your surgeon might provide a protective eye shield to wear at night so that you don’t rub your eyes in your sleep. Wear it – it’s very important that you don’t unintentionally disturb your eyes in your sleep.
  •  Limit your screen time: Whilst you can get back to working and using screens some time after your surgery, it’s best to avoid it as much as possible. Unnecessary screen time like trashy shows, scrolling Instagram/Facebook and Tik Toks should be avoided for a while post-surgery.