The incidents of the security breach are growing enormously across the world with new techniques, strategies and approaches of the black hat internet criminals every year. On the other hand, the cybersecurity industry is also growing to face and tackle the problems of security breach both by enacting and implementing various cybersecurity-related laws and regulations as well as by the help of white hat cyber researchers. However, the cybersecurity measures need to grow faster than the incidents of security breach along with understanding and monitoring the techniques and methodologies of the black hat hackers much before they launch cyberattacks. In this context, the cybersecurity across the world need to study and analyse the alarming incidents of cybersecurity as well as the security breach.

Since 2016 onwards the cyber attackers are targeting specific sectors besides other security breaches and they are the government, retail sector and the technology. Out of the total reported incidents of security breaches, 1.95% of incidents occurred in the sectors of either government or in the technology sector or retail sector. It is sometimes confusing whether these three sectors have maximum-security vulnerabilities? The truth is that the government, as well as the technology and retail sectors, are equally equipped with adequate cybersecurity measures as other sectors have. But these three sectors have the maximum personal identity information in comparison to other sectors, and this is the reason these three sectors are popular targets of the black hat hackers.

Another astounding as well as alarming fact about the security breach is the extremely high rate of cyber-attacks which is again growing on a daily basis. As per the study of Clark School at the University of Maryland, the quantification of reported cyber-attacks on the internet-enabled devices especially on the computers that have internet connection is “an attack every 39 seconds” on an average. The study has further revealed that every year one of the three Americans have been the easy target of security breaches over the years. The most common reasons for this high ratio of security breaches is the non-secured username and passwords.


Most small businesses think that security breaches are the headaches of the big business houses and big branded companies. On the other hand, it has been already established through various research and studies that out of the total security breaches, 3. 43% of security breaches have been targeted to small and medium business. Similarly, 64% of small business across the world have already experienced security breaches, out of which 62% suffered from social engineering and phishing, 59% were victims of botnets and malicious code, and 51% were victims of DoS or denial of service attacks.