Few cuts of meat command such adulation as Picanha. This cut, also termed the sirloin or rump cap, is a Brazilian wonder that has captivated foodies globally. Its exceptional flavour, succulence, and texture make it an essential experience for any self-respecting meat aficionado.

Deeply Embedded in Brazilian Culture

Picanha isn’t merely a cut of beef; it’s a cultural cornerstone deeply ingrained in Brazilian heritage, particularly in the traditional barbecue style called churrasco. This meat is often grilled on skewers and served in abundant portions.

The Fine Art of Selecting and Preparing Picanha

Choosing the ideal Picanha cut is crucial for a sublime culinary experience. Opt for a cut with ample marbling and a deep red colour. Seasoning is equally important—a sprinkle of sea salt, freshly milled black pepper, and a mixture of aromatic herbs can elevate the meat to new heights. Allow it to rest at room temperature to enable the flavours to meld.

Cooking Techniques and Flavour Profiles

Proper preparation of Picanha can make or break your dining experience. Traditional methods typically involve grilling the meat on skewers.

Nonetheless, a cast-iron skillet can also serve you well. The objective is to achieve a caramelised crust while maintaining an internal temperature of approximately 54°C.

Serving the Gastronomic Marvel

When presenting this culinary marvel, simplicity is key. Traditional Brazilian accompaniments like farofa and pão de queijo accentuate the robust, juicy flavours of the Picanha, allowing it to shine genuinely.

Wide Appeal Amongst Carnivores

The rich, umami profile and succulence of Picanha have a universal allure, particularly among those fond of meat.

Learn how to cook Picanha Italian Style!

This Italian guide provides a comprehensive look at how to grill Picanha, a famous Brazilian and Argentinean cut of beef.

The guide covers different methods for preparing Picanha, including the classic way and a particular variant. It also explores how the external layer of fat enriches the flavour, making it a culinary delight. The guide gives alternative ways to enjoy a hearty Picanha steak for those without a rotisserie.


Electric rotisseries are discussed, and a 10% discount coupon for buying Picanha online is included. You can also learn about using different kinds of meats like horse for a unique flavour. To fully understand the grilling process, there’s a focus on temperature control and the best thermometers. The guide even suggests a unique mint and rum-based sauce complementing the meat. For more details, check out the complete guide on Picanha.