When the time comes to replace the HVAC system in your home, time is of the essence. No homeowner wants to be without a properly working heating and air conditioning unit, but it is important for homeowners who are looking for HVAC services in Mansfield to shop around to be sure they hire an installation company that will ensure their unit is properly installed. Here are the things a technician should discuss before they are hired to do the work.

References and Credentials

One of the first things homeowners who are looking for a company to install a new HVAC unit need to do, is a little research. Consumers will want to make sure that the company they choose has technicians who have all of the necessary certifications. Homeowners also need to make sure the company is properly registered in their state. The employees who work for the company a consumer selects should also be licensed and bonded. Finally, people should ask around to learn as much as they can about a company before they hire them. Consumers should also ask the company or installer for references.

Assess Your Needs

The first thing homeowners and their potential provider of HVAC services in Mansfield need to discuss is the size of the unit they need to properly heal and cool the home. Installing a unit that is too small for the square footage of a home can cause the unit to work harder, which will eventually lead to mechanical issues. In addition, a unit that has to work harder leads to higher electricity costs because a stressed unit will burn more energy. Depending on where a home is located, there may be other products like a dehumidifier, or a ventilator that is needed to help improve the comfort level of your home. People should make sure their technician has a good grasp of how to calculate the appropriate values to ensure the right-sized unit is installed.

Examine the Duct Work

Before a technician begins an installation, they should check the ductwork to make sure it has not been damaged. If there is damage to the ductwork, the technician should provide an assessment of what was found and an estimate of what it will cost to either replace or repair it. Without a thorough assessment of the ductwork, there is a risk that the newly installed unit won’t heat or cool the home properly. There could be areas in the home that are warmer than others in the summer, and cooler than others in the winter. People should make sure to inquire about the condition of their home’s ductwork and verify that the necessary repairs were made before the new unit is installed.

Check Refrigerant Lines

Homeowners should make sure their technician evaluates the refrigerant lines in their system. This will help to determine if there are any leaks in the lines and if so, they are replaced at the time of the installation. Replacing the lines entails the technician soldering or brazing the pipes, taking proper measurements of the piping and conducting a refrigerant leak test. Consumers need to be certain that this is done properly to avoid leaks at a later date.

Give It A Test Run

The technician should give the unit a test run before leaving the home. Homeowners need to make sure that the unit is fully functional to ensure there won’t encounter any issues later on. Also, companies that provide HVAC services in Mansfield should sit down with customers to give them details regarding how to take care of their units. This would include information regarding the types of filters that should be used in the system, and how often the unit should be serviced.