It’s no secret that the global economy has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in wage cuts for many employees, workplace breaks, and, in the worst cases, layoffs due to lack of liquidity at companies. 

This is why many people have found themselves needing to raise money in other ways to pay for their expenses, including selling some of their properties. Cars are not saved, and they are usually one of the first things we think about if we need to get rid of something to get money for contingencies. 

In this note, we will give you a series of easy and simple tips that will help you sell your car, but not only that, we will also tell you what points are essential so you can get more money out of it at the time of the transaction. 

Love is born from sight, and that applies to the buying and selling of used cars. Take pictures that call attention and show how well taken care of your vehicle is or, in case it is not so well accepted, look for its best angles and show them to the possible buyers. 

Don’t be afraid to show off your car. Does it have good performance? Advertise it! Is it a special edition? Highlight it in the publication. Remember that buyers are looking for a car in good condition, so if you can demonstrate your services and maintain it, it will be better. 

If you have any damage, don’t show it in the photos, but it is a duty to clarify it in the sale’s publication so that those interested don’t get a surprise when they physically see the car. 

Remember, always publish photos of the car’s front, the back, steering wheel, seats and clothing, rims, trunk, and dashboard. 

What increases the resale value of my car?

It will depend on many factors, but the most important is the condition of the car. To get the most money out of selling your vehicle, check out some details ranging from documentation to aesthetics. 

In terms of papers, you need to have the original invoice of the car, registration, insurance, etc., at hand. 

If you need any of these documents, the money you ask for your car may be affected since the buyer has the “right” to negotiate a lower price since he will have to take care of those expenses. 

In the matter of the exterior, one weekend dedicates your time to clean in detail the windows, tires, rims, plates, and bodywork in general. This only requires your patience and the minimum investment to be done. 

The engine is another crucial part, which should look good when you open the box, so take it to a trusted mechanic or the brand’s workshop to clean in detail everything you can without damaging electrical or mechanical components. 

Where do I sell my car?

This question is the first one that comes to mind when we decide to sell our car. Fortunately, today there are a thousand and one options to do so, from websites to used car lots

If you are going to do the operation through a specialized website, remember that it can be faster, but they will charge to keep your ad online. In the case of a car lot, the purpose of the site is to resell your unit, so they will try to give you the lowest price possible. 

The best option will always be to place it on your own. It will take longer, but you will get more money. Put your product on social networks and car enthusiast groups, answer those exciting calls and give yourself time to ask for contact information. 

Never receive people in your home; better show your car in the parking lot of a plaza or shopping center in broad daylight. In case you want to make the transition, make sure you have the money in your hands first to hand over the ownership of the car and preferably leave everything stipulated by the contract, so you don’t have legal problems later.