The world changes. And not always good. Whose fault is it? Man of course, who has disrupted a lot of stuff since the invention of fire and that of the wheel. So, some places in the world are downright disappearing. Entire regions will change drastically unless there is a miracle and we will have to adapt well. But which regions in particular? Here are 10, we advise you to visit urgently before it is definitely too late. And besides, did you know that the fact of visiting in priority this kind of threatened place has a name? This is the doom tourism …

  1. The Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

It is an absolutely wonderful place. Turquoise water, fish species by the thousands, fabulous coral … Well, that was especially before because 50% of the reef has disappeared altogether during the last 27 years. It is estimated that if things do not work out, the damage done to the Australian Great Barrier Reef will be irreversible at the dawn of the 2030s.

  1. The Franz Josef Glacier (New Zealand)

The experts are clear: within 100 years, nothing will be left of this spectacular glacier, which has already lost 25% of its surface due to global warming.

  1. The Amazonian Forest (South America)

Even Sting could not prevent massive deforestation. This forest, which is currently on the territory of 9 countries (including France with Guyana) is seriously threatened. More than ever, all the factors seem to have come together to make it completely disappear in 50 years. Yes, it’s tomorrow.

  1. Komodo (Indonesia)

The dragons of Game of Thrones have the coast. Those of Komodo Island much less seen that not many people care about their fate. That said, in this case, they are not the most to be pitied. No, here it is coral all around that is threatened with extinction. No more diving!

  1. Glacier National Park (United States)

According to the president, global warming is just one fake news among others. Yet, once, you could admire 150 glaciers in this beautiful natural park. Today, they are only 25 and tomorrow, by 2030, there will be none at all. An ecological drama that will impact animals including the grizzly bear, which is in any case back in the sights of hunters since the last election. While in the United states you can explore more places and stay at Hoover Dam Lodge where tourist feel at home.

  1. The Maldives

Have you planned to spend your honeymoon under the Maldivian sun? Hurry up because it may well be that the Maldives will not have any for a very long time. Because it is the country at the bottom of the world, it will necessarily be the first to dive when the water will rise.

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

The case of Kilimanjaro is a bit peculiar. No, it will not go away. Well, not right now. On the other hand, global warming will put a serious cleat on him. By melting all the snow that covers its summit including …

  1. The Taj Mahal (India)

This is one of the 7 wonders of the world. A mausoleum with penetrating beauty that is threatened by tourism. Experts believe that if it does not close to the public, the public in question will have its skin within four years. Tourists who contribute to the premature aging of the building, as well as the pollution of the air, the rivers … Not to mention the wear of time which has weakened particularly the wooden parts that support the structure.

  1. The North Pole

This is the logic: if the ice melts, one day, the North Pole will not be frozen at all, nor even covered with snow. It will simply be an expanse of gigantic land, with a few lakes here and there. It’s ugly.

  1. Venice (Italy)

The city that has its feet in the water has never been so fragile. Oh yes, a system to cope with rising water levels is being installed, but experts believe that it will be powerless when it gets seriously worse, saying that Venice is, no matter what we do, sentenced.