Before moving to anything else, it is essential to know exactly what intellectual property is. It is a category of property which includes intangible creations of an individual’s intellect. 

Things like inventions, artistic and literary works; and names, images and symbols often used in commerce. Intellectual property is divided in two main categories: 

1) Industrial property which includes trademarks, industrial designs, patents for inventions and geographical indications. 

2) Copyright covers all literary works like poems, novels and plays, music films, artistic works and architectural design.

Copyright and trademarks enjoy legal protection. But as per your knowledge, IP like highly confidential information which is part of your unique edge and necessary to your running business also needs to be protected. A court based law which mostly protects valuable and important confidential information.

There are some reputed and experienced intellectual property lawyers, who can help you to secure your intellectual property (IP), so that it is not used against you in an unethical or unlawful manner.

Need to protect your intellectual property

There is no doubt that developing a brand or a business takes hard work and a considerable time. Therefore, they need to be well protected. It is very important to safeguard and protect your hard work with the right intellectual property protections, in order to prevent your competitors from profiting off your work by copying and imitating your valuable brand.

The role of an intellectual property (IP) lawyer

Intellectual property lawyers, popularly referred to as IP lawyers, deal with legal issues related to trademarks or service marks, trade secrets, patents and copyrights. They specialize in and practices intellectual property law, which involves various rules for enforcing and securing legal rights to designs, inventions and artwork. 

The law also secures your assets such as real estate and personal property. These laws provide people incentives to improve their creative works and gain profit. Intellectual property lawyers act as advocates and legal advisors. As advisors, they offer counselling on rights and obligations of their valuable clients.

These are many different ways in which intellectual property lawyers help:


  • Licensing inventions
  • Protecting and establishing intellectual capital
  • Transfer of proprietary technology
  • Negotiate settlements
  • They draft licensing agreements


  • Give innovative ideas to increase and improve portfolios

You can hire an intellectual property lawyer in assisting you to file an application for a trademark or patent, defend your trademark or patent, write a licensing agreement or represent your case in front of a board or examine.

Benefits of hiring an IP lawyer

If you are looking to safeguard your idea, the first person to call is an intellectual property lawyer. He/she can help you whenever you have a product, great idea or a business model. 

Protection of your intellectual property from any kind of infringement must be top on your priority list. This means you have to register your design, idea, artwork or technology under respective trademarks, copyright and patents. IP lawyers can help you protect your idea or get compensation if your business faces any kind of infringement. 

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