If the work-from-home situation is taking a toll on you, studying online is doing the same for your children. No one likes this setup, and your children won’t appreciate it. The school isn’t only for academic purposes but to build social interactions. It’s not happening when they stay at home all the time. Since there’s no choice but to continue under these circumstances, you need to find ways to help your children. Below are some tips.

Give them sufficient breaks

Studying for several hours a day can be exhausting. Doing it at school can be fun, your children have a chance to interact with classmates. Since they don’t have one at home, they can at least take a break and play. They will appreciate the opportunity to play however they want for an hour or two. It can also be a reward for finishing certain school tasks. They deserve to take a break, and you can’t be too strict. Besides, learning isn’t only about reading books and answering worksheets.

Be there to help

Since the teacher isn’t around to help the children, it is your responsibility to help them. Sure, you are also busy with work, but it doesn’t excuse you from spending time helping your children. They need you to assist them with their academic requirements. If they are too young, they are incapable of independent learning. You should hold their hands until they are old enough to do everything independently. The goal is to establish study habits and encourage them to learn time management. Eventually, you can start letting go if you feel confident that they can study alone.

Ask them what reward they want

Rewarding positive behaviour is also an excellent way to reinforce it. You want your children to keep doing a great job at school. You can consider having sensory room equipment at home. It allows them to have fun and learn other skills without going to school. It’s even more crucial now for children to learn how to play, especially in the absence of classmates.

Consult with the teachers

If you’re having a hard time asking your children to study, you can request help from their teachers. They can offer essential advice, know their students well, and can assist you. If your child is doing well academically, you can ask for extra tasks. If your child is behind the others, you can request easier tasks. Teachers understand the importance of differentiated learning and will address your concerns. They know that all students are different, and expectations should differ.

While working from home is terrible for many reasons, it is also an opportunity to be there for your children. Try to make the most of it and guide your children when they study. This may be the only generation of parents with this unique opportunity. See it as a blessing and be grateful.