CAT 2021 exam is India’s largest national-level entrance exam for MBA admissions in 2022 at IIMs and other top MBA schools. The CAT 2021 exam is scheduled for November 28, 2021. One of the six oldest IIMs conducts the CAT Exam on a rotational basis. The job of conducting the CAT 2021 exam has been handed to IIM Ahmedabad. The last CAT exam held by IIM Ahmedabad was in 2015. It was the first CAT exam in the current format, which modified the entire CAT entrance exam pattern from two to three parts and incorporated non-MCQ type questions.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, IIM Indore administered the CAT exam in a revised format last year, with a decreased number of questions (76 in place of 100), a two-hour time limit, and three testing sessions instead of two. The CAT 2021 exam for admission into IIMs is likely to contain 100 questions, a three-hour time limit, and be administered in two sessions.

CAT 2021 mock test

Mock tests for the CAT are an important part of exam preparation. In fact, without the appropriate practice of mock tests, CAT preparation is incomplete. The mock test not only contributes to the understanding of the format and grade of the CAT examination but also the framework of the exam pattern. Furthermore, mock tests help applicants boost speed and accuracy in solving problems.

Value of the CAT 2021 mock test

You would not be able to score well in CAT 2021 exam if you have only studied the curriculum. You must have prior exam experience to deliver your best on exam day. Mock examinations give you hands-on experience with the CAT exam, allowing you to manage it with comfort and confidence.

Reasons to take CAT 2021 mock test

The following are some of the compelling reasons to take the CAT 2021 mock test:

  • The primary goal of the CAT 2021 mock test is to assist candidates in learning and improving their formula application and accuracy.
  • Candidates might learn shortcuts and strategies to solve questions faster by practicing CAT 2021 mock test and sample papers. It also improves the candidate’s mental calculation abilities.
  • The candidates can learn about the problem areas after the assessment of each CAT 2021 mock test.
  • The CAT is a three-hour online entrance exam that does not include a break. Candidates can improve mental and physical stamina to withstand 180 minutes without stopping by taking full-length CAT mock examinations of the same duration.

 Official CAT 2021 mock test

The CAT organizing body, IIMCAT, publishes approved mock tests so that applicants can prepare and become comfortable with the actual CAT exam. The CAT 2021 mock test will be made public on the official site after the CAT registration process has been completed. Candidates can use their login ID to take the official CAT practice test online.

After finishing the CAT curriculum, candidates should begin taking mock examinations. September is an excellent month to begin taking CAT practice examinations. They will get plenty of opportunities to practice mock tests, work on their weak areas, and revise.

Summing it up

CAT 2021 mock tests help you enhance precision and speed when you respond to questions. It will also assist candidates in identifying areas where they need to improve their preparation. According to experts, applicants should prepare for at least 35-40 CAT mock examinations to do well on the exam. Candidates must, however, determine the number based on their ability to control and confidence in topics as the exam approaches.

In a single day, aspirants should complete only one CAT 2021 mock test. They should evaluate their performance after each mock test and identify any holes that need to be filled. This method aids in mastering the more difficult sections in the CAT 2021 exam syllabus.

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