Technological surprise, we are no longer shocked by this terminology. We have seen and experienced large amounts of technical innovations in the last decade or so. It’s from writing letters to sending a text message, going out to shop, sitting at home and buying online, going to a theater, watching a movie, sleeping in our house, and enjoying anything we want from streaming services. Lots have now begun over the web. Thanks to food delivery systems applications we don’t even need to go to a restaurant to eat. We can do nearly all over the web, saving a great amount of time.

Thanks to cloud computing we no longer need to store our data in our desktops. Online drives are available, on which we store our information. Such resources made our life simpler and benefited not just us but also the companies and businesses. They use cloud infrastructure to do multiple tasks and to store their information directly. Because of the lesser time needed for each operation, it lets them grab the client’s market. And in homes, we use cloud computing as home automation networks based on the internet of things that inform us about how strongly cloud computing is active in our lifestyles now as well as in the future programs.

What is Cloud?

Servers we connect over the web network are called cloud for doing various tasks. Such servers are placed on the cloud service provider’s network for all the facilities of software and hardware. Everything computing performed on such platforms is considered cloud computing. Nowadays the cloud is the new big thing. This helps us to get the data from anywhere and every system. You do need the keys sign in and you’re in to do everything you want. Your operating history can be known only by the service provider.

What is Amazon Cloud?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon’s cloud which provides a secure and scalable way to store and access data. Cloud computing is a cost-efficient way to do it. Earlier in 2006 Amazon launched those services. Amazon Web Services provides wide-ranging enterprise tools that provide databases, limitless storage, application development, and even many other resources and you pay for what you’re using.

Why Amazon Cloud is the king?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud services network that provides a wide range of online resources. Various cloud computing options are available. Amazon Web Services is a widely used approach to the cloud. It is used by most of the big organizations. There are explanations why online services from Amazon are the king of all cloud providers, some of which are listed below;

Pay As You Go

The key when we’re talking about cloud storage platforms is being cost-efficient. Web services from Amazon give us low-cost options as they can be. Since you bill for the programs you are using, and just how long you are using them. Repair work and maintenance of servers are not your tension.

Easy to Use

Amazon Cloud services are very user friendly and easy to access. A beginner isn’t going to have any tough time using it. All is simple and the console is very handy.


For humans, it is common to choose those which are secure. Human-run organizations are the reason that they prefer a more secure form of cloud applications than most. Amazon Web Services is a web network that guarantees the protection of your cloud data. Security services are available in AWS to recognize and address security threats. For this, there is a system, called the Amazon Inspector. This searches for security vulnerabilities from other cloud providers, detects them, and attempts to fix them.

Reliability and Scalability

Autoscaling is one function of web services provided by Amazon that lets users improve performance. It scales down and up according to users’ usage, which lowers costs because it only uses the network for the time of the request. Since of its scalability, consumers can rely on AWS. Companies are organizing instruction for their staff on AWS approaches through AWS certification training programs.


You can pick any operating system you want, any programming language, any interface for the application in Amazon’s cloud services. With AWS you get your own virtual setting, and with the setting, you can build your unique environment.

Friendly Access to Mobile

This also helps you to connect your resources from a mobile phone which makes this a very convenient choice for everyone. There are two options to do that: AWS Cloud SDK and AWS Mobile hub. Former support android, web, IOS, etc., we may make use of such facilities as DynamoDB, Lambda, etc. In the later one, you’ll be able to use certain compatible program functionality. You use the console to create applications and test them

Storage styles

Users can select from various storage styles in Amazon’s cloud services, such as

Amazon Elastic Book Store: It is block-level storage that enables users to access instances of the Elastic computing cloud (EC2).

Amazon Glacier: This method of storage is used specifically for longer period data storage. We do this to render backups of information for or organizations.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): It is a storage service in which we use a web interface to store the data.

Storage Transportation Device: Amazon offers us a variety of tools to store transportable information. Such systems can transmit huge volumes of data, and they cost much less than transmitting information over the Internet.

Amazon cloud is a member of the family of cloud computing that stretches day by day. Because of its vastness, people are being educated in this field but the best approach is to practice online cloud computing. Various AWS certifications and courses can be accessed online. Big companies, since they know the value of cloud computing now and in the future, are educating their staff in this field and also prefer the certified professionals at the time of hiring for the new projects keeping in view their abilities and expertise.