When it comes to physically-demanding and challenging work, we all have our own ideas. Manual laborers, movers, or athletes usually take the top spots in our minds. 

You would be surprised at some of the other professions included in our list. This list was not pulled up randomly. O*NET (Occupational Information Network), the U.S. Department of Labor’s job information database, uses certain qualifiers to determine which jobs are physically demanding. 

  • Trunk strength
  • Stamina
  • Time spent running or walking
  • Explosive strength
  • Dynamic strength.

10 Jobs That Require Fitness and Strength

  1. Dancers and Choreographers

Professional dance artists scored the highest based on O*NET’s qualifiers. While not exactly a high-risk job, coming up with dance routines and rehearsing these routines week in and week out require a dance athlete to be physically fit to give justice to the piece. 

  1. Athletes and Competitors

Athletes and sports competitors undergo rigorous hours of training and practice to perfect their game. The level of physicality varies per sport, but it is safe to say that it is one of the most physically demanding jobs today. 

Don’t believe us? Ask any athlete that has gone for chiropractic adjustment in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, or wherever in the U.S. 

  1. Fitness Trainers and Instructors

The job speaks for itself. Fitness trainers have to be physically fit to have credibility. They don’t just concern themselves with workouts and exercises, though. They also take the time to learn about proper nutrition which will help amplify their strength and keep them healthier. 

  1. Orderlies

Orderlies are people who help assist patients in hospitals and nursing homes. These are the ones that are called on to help carry and lift patients into gurneys, wheelchairs, or beds. This is perhaps one of the most physically demanding jobs in the medical field. 

  1. Iron and Steel Workers

Those who work in the iron and steel industry raise, place, and build metal structural parts to complete structures. No wonder they rank high in O*NET’s list as one of the most physical jobs today. 

  1. Construction Workers

With all the time they spend working under the sunlight with heavy machinery and equipment, construction workers have some of the strongest bodies and endurances among all known professions. 

  1. Fallers

Cutting down trees, unsurprisingly, is one of the most physical (and dangerous!) jobs in the world. Fallers work with heavy equipment to cut down trees which puts them at high-risk. Mental and physical strength are required for this job.

  1. Fence Erectors

Professionals who help build fences require strength and endurance given all the walking and running around they do and lifting and working with heavy equipment.

  1. Stunt Artists

Contrary to popular opinion, working in Hollywood is not as glamorous and easy. Ask any stunt double and they will tell you it takes an insane amount of physical fitness to perform stunts for actors and actresses. Their jobs require them to be at their physical best to help protect celebrities from injuries. 

  1. Firefighters

The level of physicality needed in firefighting is insanely high as the job requires both physical and mental toughness. Dealing with heat and flames can be exhausting which is why one’s stamina must be high if you want to be a firefighter. 

If you’re thinking of a career change and you want your next job to be a little bit more physical, perhaps you can consider some of the professions listed above.