These days, you probably do everything on your computer. So, you need your computer to work and you need it to have speed. If your computer isn’t working with the top speed available to you, your workflow is going to drop down a significant amount. In this article, you will get 10 tips on how you can speed up your windows 10 computer. Go through the list, follow the tips, and by the end of the story you should know how to make your computer run as if it were brand new and fresh out of the box. Let’s jump into it.

Check your power settings, they might need to be changed. Windows 10 comes with fun power-saving modes, but these modes don’t always do the best job at making your computer run faster. The point of power-saving mode is to save energy and battery life, so it lowers performance. If your computer is running slower, turn off power saving mode and that should help.

If you have programs that open as soon as you turn your computer on, disable those. By having apps start up as soon as the computer turns on, these apps are always going to be running in the background. Even if you close the apps when they open up, they are still waiting in the background for the computer to turn off so that when it turns on, these apps can turn on too.

Turn off the tips and tricks. By having these on, again, there is always something running in the background. Yes, it is there to help you if you need it, but it isn’t telling you anything you can’t already look up yourself.

Turn off cloud syncing. One Drive is great, it is there for you when you need it. If your computer’s hard drive were to die, One Drive would be able to back it up and you wouldn’t lose anything. However, it is always syncing and collecting data. Turn it off to speed up your Windows 10.

Schedule a cleaning routine with Storage Sense. You have a lot of files on your computer that are no longer needed, missing pieces, etc. You can have Storage Sense clean up your computer every day, week, or month.

Clean your registry. Again, there are a lot of things on your computer that is no longer needed or is just taking up space. The more you clean, the faster your computer will run.

Disable a lot of the visual effects. There are a lot of animations and shadows in videos and games that you might run on your pc, by lowering the quality or turning them off completely, you will speed up your computer.

Turn on Windows maintenance. This program is something that is automatically set to run on your computer in the middle of the night as long as your device is asleep. But if it is off, your computer isn’t running regular maintenance checks and could be slow because of that.

Download the Windows defense program. This will protect your computer from any kind of malware or adware that might be trying to sneak into your pc when you aren’t noticing it. Adware can slow down your computer, and could even give you a virus. But having Windows defense will help warn you and fight against the unwanted software.

Finally, restart your pc. It might need an update that it hasn’t told you about, or it might just need to be rebooted to get its energy and speed back in it. There’s nothing wrong with giving it a try.