Since the start of the pandemic, we have been forced to stay home and to implement social distancing measures whenever we go out for essential errands. We are advised not to go out and spend time with loved ones from other households. This is to prevent the spread of the fatal virus that is spreading all around the world.

The human race is always in need of a deep sense of connection with each other. Staying connected is an important factor in keeping our mental health in check. As we face the consequences of the global health crisis, we have resorted to different ways simply to bridge the gap in our daily human connection.

Technology is a useful tool in keeping ourselves connected with our friends and family. We rely on modern technology to inform us about what is happening around us as well as what is happening with our loved ones.

What can we do with our loved ones virtually to keep us secure and connected with this support group?

Virtual Hugs

Facing the pandemic has gotten many of feeling bouts of depression and experiencing isolation due to the implementation of quarantine protocols. Given this challenge, many of us have resorted to virtual modes of connecting with others. Since we have been in quarantine or isolation for several months now, perhaps you need a refresher on what you can do online.

Here are ways on how you can bond with friends and family via the magic of the Internet.

Before you begin, though, you might want to consider getting something that will surely keep your conversations going non-stop even with a power interruption. Consider a Tesla powerwall installation to get solar energy to consistently power your home throughout this quarantine period.

So once you have your WiFi connection up and running, how can you connect with friends and family through the Internet?

For the book-loving circle of friends, why not start a virtual book club? Apart from sharing your love for the written word, you will also be able to expand your circle to people from all around the globe. That’s one of the beauties of connecting online. There are no restrictions in terms of geography! You can still share the same good stories you all love while also getting new perspectives on board.

You can host dinner parties via Zoom. Who says dinner dates can only be done in person? You can even have a contest on who can set up the best dining table for the evening. Doing so will allow you to enjoy good food and maybe good drinks while staying safe from a distance.

Given these stressful times, meditation will greatly benefit each one of us. You can invite your friends and family to start a weekly meditation session to rid yourself of the stressors of the week that has gone. This will prepare you to face the week to come with a clear mind and a hopeful heart.

So what about karaoke? You can set up virtual karaoke dates even from a distance! This is where solar energy could be really helpful. You would barely have any problems with your electricity that could interrupt your karaoke night.

Of course, game nights will always be a good thing. Spend time with your grandparents over an online game of Scrabble or Pictionary so you can bond despite not being able to see each other physically.

These are a few things you could do with your loved ones while you are strictly implementing quarantine protocols. You can always spice things up by adding a twist to game night or dinner dates. Be creative with your bonding sessions.

So why do we need to stay connected anyway? How do humans deal with being disconnected from each other for a long time?

How Humans Deal with Being Disconnected

The pandemic has forced us to remain isolated from each other for prolonged periods that many of us may have already developed mental health issues. This has been a growing concern among individuals who have spent a long time away from their friends and family.

Due to this situation, it is important for us to find ways to reconnect with loved ones despite the distance. Technology makes it easier for us to connect all day every day by providing accessible means for communication.

Gone are the days when we had to write letters or limit phone calls due to its cost. Nowadays, we can simply send a private message to several friends and family via social media sites and the conversations can go on for hours.

As humans, we have been built to survive by connecting with one another. Dealing with the distance that the pandemic has wedged between us, we must find new ways to connect and communicate regularly to keep ourselves emotionally and mentally healthy.

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